Pollen Garden Project

Kim Pandingslandland (MDN), an assistant professor of biology at Minot State University, researches a plant in one of Ano’s pollen gardens. Plants grow at different times during the growing season, providing a place for insects to regenerate and grow.

Honey bees temporarily float, and then sit on brightly colored flowers. A colorful butterfly flies from one plant to another. There are other insects, all of which are attracted to pollen gardens in Minot.

Earlier this year, a pollen garden project was set up in three locations in Manot City. The gardens are small, but their value is great. The garden is carefully designed to attract insects that are an important part of the outdoors.

“Our Insects Have More Purpose Than Most People Know” North Dakota Game and Fisheries Department, says biologist Greg Glickson. In the pollen plot you really see the benefits of insects, the role they play in breeding plants and the role they play in many other species. They help with the whole cycle of life. ”

Joseph Petit, an assistant professor of biology at Minnesota State University, agrees.

“Dust is essential for human life” Ale Petit. Many of the bites we eat come directly from pollen.

Explaining the meaning of many flowers in vegetables and approximately 25% of the food we eat depends on the amount of pollen.

An example from Petit is that North Dakota is one of the largest honey producing states in the United States, with a significant decline in bee population throughout the United States.

“We’re trying to get more and more out of the land using pesticides and pesticides, and that often hurts pollen.” Pettit added. “Pollen gardens are really important projects. In gardens we always see honey bees, different species of bees. Honey, butterflies, moths, all seem to have made good use of these gardens.

There are also negative consequences. Insects are a lifeline for many birds, especially young ones. The survival of North Dakota chickens is almost entirely dependent on the insect population.

Insects Are Important for Raising Young Insects ” There is Gullickson. It is an integral part of their diet.

Insects not only use liquids, but countless other species of birds, large and small. Pollen gardens provide wonderful habitat for small insects that are an essential part of life.

The Manot Pollen Garden Project was run by local resident Tim Baman. Bowman has played a key role in recruiting volunteers to help with the project and finding partners and providing financial support to do so.

“The biggest logistics were getting permission from the right people” Bauman said. “The city of Minot and the park district were wonderful partners to work with. He poured out great community support. Small and large donors came forward. ”

Bauman’s response from the city and the parks when asked for the opportunity to create flower gardens We do this. Then came the help of those who shared the same interest in the project.

“We have a good group of people and we hear nothing but positive feedback from members of the community.” He mentioned Baumann. Our gardens are on public land for the benefit of all. Instead of being part of the problem, we used bright natural spaces to solve the problem.

The gardens also add a touch of beauty to their settings. And not just for a short time.

We need flowers every season, so something always blooms ” Petitit explained. At each station there is a water source and a common dwelling. Each of these gardens has all three of these nutrients, which is why they got a pollen garden.

“I think it’s important to build beauty in our community” Bauman added. “It is the pride and positives of the community that are not economically necessary. There is truly value for all of us. We can help our community grow and be active at all levels.

Gulkinson, who owns a five-hectare pollen garden near his home, says that anyone can plant a pollen plot, regardless of size. Many pollen grains can easily be found in gardens in the city.

“If you want to know more and there are a few programs out there, the best place to start is to contact our Game and Fishing Room in Bismarck.” There is Gullickson. They will point you in the right direction.

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