Possibility of becoming Chief Guardian in Plant County

Garrison – Sarah Cowan has been a gardener in Guernesi for more than 10 years, during which time she made half of Cowan’s flowers. Both indoors and outdoors. Through self-education on the Internet and local master gardeners, she is now a part-time expert on African violet and has earned a Master’s Degree.

Although Covan’s husband, Levi, who works for the BSF, moved in with his family, he will always remember that Gernesse was Master Gardner.

From September 7 – December 7, people who love flowers in Plati County can also find Master Gardner’s distinction and perhaps this certificate will allow their interest to take full bloom.

Registration is now open for people interested in strengthening their green thumbs by going to https://extension.catalog.instructure.com/courses/master-gardener-online-training-f21.

According to the Wyoming University Extension website, “This 13-week master gardening course provides approximately 40 hours of instruction. Join live, virtual Take a look at the UW Extension Teachers’ Courses in the Field at a convenient time. Live lessons are Tuesday, September 6-9, September 7-December 20, 2021. Topics covered include: Introduction and Overview of the UH Extension Master Gardener Program, Basic Planting, Soil, Seasonal Extension, Vegetables, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs, Wooden Plants, Grass Care, Integrated Pest Management and Pesticides Understanding, diagnosing plant diseases and plant problems, intology and volunteering in the UW Extension Master Gardener Program.

It costs $ 150 to take the course, and Cowan is one of the most successful gardens in the world.

“Even though the gardening season is in full swing,” she says. I order seeds in January and then go for the year. This past summer I was looking for a project that I could grow at home. Many African violets came from there. I had to raise something. Even in the middle of winter. She is an African violet expert and a master gardener herself.

“I grow a special African violet,” she said. I am a member of the American African Violet Society and it is such an exciting group. I grow these plants from these tiny leaves and it takes about a year to form and germinate. I keep them all in these pools in my beautiful kitchen that benefits from this wonderful natural light.

There is a time when the silence of the garden grows and is calm around beautiful colors, but there are days when he believes that doing business, planting flowers, arranging shipping, and being a wife and mother can bring some obstacles.

“It’s a challenge,” she said. I’ve been doing it for years, and you know me, I want a moment and I go and sit in Lily Patch and cry well. For me, my garden is my refuge. The place where I feel and know that this is real.

“There is this little seed, and if I plant and take care of it and do everything right, I know it will grow. And in the meantime, I’m just growing up in the process. ”

From English gardens to Wyoming classrooms and now a full circle back to her own garden, Cowan found the art that grew right along with Abebo.

“I learned patience,” Cowan says. I feel confident that the seasons will come again, just as the school year has come. They start dreaming about seeds in January and then find lilies and alleles in May. And once it starts to warm up, you get these beautiful colors and it all goes in a cycle. It probably represents our entire life. Everything will be fine, and things will be back to normal. ”

According to Clayton Jones, director of extension at the University of Wyoming, “I think we’ve taken the class this spring 8-10 and this will be another opportunity to be a major gardener. This past spring and some by the end of 2020, I added all but one class and they did well with the same teachers we used.

Jones notes important information for this article:

Your subscription fee includes an electronic copy of the book – For Wyoming Sustainable Gardening – The Master’s Gardener. You will receive approximately 40 hours of training.

You can attend weekly classes or watch classroom recordings at your convenience.

The Wyoming Extension Master Gardener Program is an extensive training and volunteer program in horticulture in Wyoming.

If you are interested in gardening and want to learn more, the master gardening program is for you! Join a team of more than 200 volunteers who want to return to their communities through volunteer service, local produce, beautiful communities and shared common interests – garden!

During this 13-week training, you will learn from UW Extension educators and professionals with years of experience in their fields. Whether you are a new gardener or have had dirt under your nails for years, you will lose the ability to successfully grow plants in Wyoming with a unique challenge environment.

How this section works


WyoLearn is a platform used by Wyoming Extension University for online programming. Once you have registered for the class and created a WyoLearn account, you will be logged into WyoLearn to access live lessons, classroom recordings, and additional resources. https://uwyo3.instructure.com/login/canvas

Weekly lessons Tuesday evening from 6-9 pm Learn from Wyoming Extension Specialists and educators with years of experience in the field. Live lessons allow teachers to teach and interact with you and answer your questions. Classroom recordings are available within 48 hours of live class. Classes are live using the Zoom Video Conference program. You will need to create a Zoom account to follow live lessons. Zoom is accessible using a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can create a free zoom account here: https://zoom.us

Classroom recordings

Classes will be recorded and viewed live within 48 hours. Links to view recordings are available in each module. You will have access to these videos for at least 12 months.

Class schedule

Live lessons Tuesday at 6-9 p.m.

September 7 – Introduction and overview of the main garden program

September 14 – Basic Plant Plant

September 21 – Soil, Fertilization and Reinforcement

September 28 – Season Extension – High Caves, Low Caves, Rows, Cold Frames

October 5 – Growing vegetables and herbs

October 12 – Fruit trees and berry crops

October 19 – Plant Plants

October 26 – Wood plants

November 2 – Grass care

November 9 – Integrated Pest Management

November 16 – Diagnosis of plant diseases and plant problems

November 23 – No Class (Thanksgiving Week)

November 30 – Intomology

December 7 – Volunteering in the UW Extension Master Gardener Program

Here’s what you can expect


Master gardening trainings have been provided since 1985 by local UW Extension Offices. Trainees will receive approximately 40 hours of instruction on the subject – plants, soil, fertilizer, seasonal extension techniques (high caves, backyard greenhouses, low caves, high bed garden), growing vegetables and herbs, fruit trees and berry crops; Trees and shrubs, lawn care, annual and annual flowering, integrated pest management, plant problems research, ontology, and volunteering in a teacher gardening program. Classes are taught by UW Extension educators, who specialize in subject matter related to Wyoming’s developmental conditions. You will also receive an electronic copy of the book (PDF) – For the Wyoming Sustainable Garden – The Master’s Gardener.


About half of those who have completed their teacher training will be participating in the master gardening volunteer program. Master gardening volunteers return to their communities on a voluntary basis after completing the training. Volunteer activities are organized locally to address local needs and opportunities. Master gardeners are required to provide a 40-hour volunteer period in their own communities. Wyoming Master Gardener Volunteer activities include community beautification, community gardens, demonstration gardens, educational conferences and workshops, garden tours, plant production, UW Extension office support, school gardens, youth programs, plant problems and backyard calls. Volunteer opportunities vary from region to region and may not be available in all areas.


Whether you are a beginner gardener or have many years of experience, you will gain the knowledge and skills that will make you a better gardener after completing the basic gardening training. Many master gardeners will continue the program for years and years to come. As a master gardener stays with the program, they learn more and share more. Master gardeners typically enjoy the social aspect of learning together, volunteering, and helping others.

Chris Hilgert, UW Extension Master Gardener Program State Coordinator

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