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As we move into September and fall, it’s time to take a look at what happened in Firestone Park in Colombia in 2021 and what lies ahead. Expressions of appreciation from many city dwellers are now growing as they see further changes in the park. In fact, it is a kind of renaissance, where historical connections are celebrated and the pride of Harvey and Idabel Fireton as they explore the legacy of Harvey’s hometown.

A.D. In 2021, beautiful new historical landmarks will appear at the entrances. Lloyd Miller designed them based on the first signs, and there are no details to make them stand out. “Harvey SS Fireton Amusement Park,” They know that better things are to be seen in the park. History is being made in harmony with the vision of the fiery stones.

Restoration of Lake Glass was the beginning and is seen every day, by many residents and visitors to the city. Aqua Doc keeps the water clear and colorful, and the magnificent plantations at the Ding Tingle Memorial Garden and Keith Kaiser and Terra Design Studios, and three pillars honoring Firestone and his friends Edison and Ford, add contemporary color.

All tents will be redesigned and enjoy new names, signs to come out this fall. Twin Oaks, Spruce Cave, Maple Grove and Lake Glass are all new names, and each reflects Cindy Tyler’s creativity from Terra Design and the names she has given her. Notice the special plantings around each tent, including the evergreen shrubs, shrubs, and annual and annual to show their tents for the best use.

It has inspired many admired residents to complete the use of sports courts every day. Pickleball is enjoying the entrance to the park with many fans who use the court every day. A sign will soon be issued to thank our local residents, businesses and organizations for their cooperation in rehabilitating and rehabilitating the pollution. Special thanks to HRG Jim Fear for the design and installation.

The last posts mentioned this “Million Dollar Parking” And it was completed shortly after the pool opened. It was packed with swimmers’ cars for several days, and he saw the first clip of football being used as close as possible. That, with a new walk at the football stadium, offers a safe way for fans to play, making it a really good investment by the city and the Bradford and Patricia Tingle Foundation. 2 Planted in Bio Swallows that offer color and environmental enhancements እ. Of the park.

The exterior of the house has been dramatically improved with the new Stuco and CCTcker Cope, many more features developed and implemented by the company.

New fence, new fence with different structures around the outside b

The garden, and an abundance of vegetation at the entrance by our gardener friend Keith Keiser, add to the spectacular view of this beautiful original structure, which is key to the park’s supplies and landscape.

What is still going on and what lies ahead in 2022? The Legacy Trail, located on the hillside across the pool, is in the middle of the development phase of Enviroscaps, our main contractor working with Terra Design Studios. You can see the progress being made on Park Avenue and the swimming pool, the wreckage of Hanna’s cottage and the spring garden.

The Idabelle Firestone Columns are also visible from those points of view. The accompanying interpretation shows the work of architect Paul Hagman in designing this important addition to the park’s history and recreational use. His building reflects the pillars of the Firestone monument and the classical beauty of the tomb, as well as the symbolic stone structure of the four other tents in the park. In addition to enhancing the park’s beauty, the new facility offers new cultural and educational opportunities for residents and visitors. Designed as an art amphitheater with a 200-seat hill, it hosts music groups for performances, families celebrating weddings and special events, and students / teachers in classrooms. It has public toilets, water sources and storage for different users. Combined with the surrounding gardens, this is a tribute to Idabelle Firestone’s love of garden and music.

In the early stages of construction, there is also a children’s soccer field near the sports courts and Lake Pavel Pavilion. Gifts from the Alexfoff family to the Colombian and Girls Softball Association show new fences, excavations, new indoor and outdoor playground, fan seats and landscaping. The project is expected to be completed late. R&B is indebted to Alexis for his generous contribution to honor his grandson Madison. Meda bears her name.

The Dog Park project is progressing well, with donations now estimated at around $ 72,000. The committee that oversees this popular addition has done a special job of organizing fundraising events. Dog park can be viewed by following the pedestrian path behind the maintenance building. A new two-lane road will be completed to provide better access to this new feature as well as hiking trails and football fields in the area.

And so, Renaissance, it is, don’t you? It now remains in the hands of the school district, which now owns the football fields. A fundraising committee has been set up for the 2023 new football stadium. Baseball and softball stadiums are also in dire need of renovation. Challenging the school district, but in light of the recent developments in restoring Fireton Park, their offerings will certainly add to the park’s redevelopment and beauty and will come with time. (Submitted)

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