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About Regional Food Planning for Southeast Wisconsin

To live, everyone must eat; However, our diet is largely isolated from the public eye. The food chain is a complex web of activities, processes and actors involved in serving and serving food to consumers. A sustainable diet provides food security and adequate nutrition for all generations, while maintaining economic, social and environmental benefits.

Vision 2050: Long-Term Land Use and Transport Plan for the Region: Recognizes the need to make healthy food accessible in all areas of the region, recognizes the relationship between the region’s urban centers and agricultural resources, and recommends the establishment of a regional food system. Planning. In support of this recommendation, the Commission is developing a regional meal plan for Southeast Wisconsin. The plan aims to increase access to food, reduce economic and health disparities, support locally owned and sustainable agriculture, protect productive farmland and sensitive natural resources, and connect food producers, producers, distributors and eaters in the region.

Tie them all together

The seven counties have many initiatives designed to improve access to healthy food for the needy, reduce economic and health disparities, and conserve natural resources. They include planning efforts by regional districts, local governments, and community organizations. Efforts to increase access to healthy food, such as farmers’ markets and urban agriculture; Efforts to improve economic opportunities and transportation options in areas of interest; And efforts to support agriculture and protect the region’s most important natural resources.

While initiatives related to healthy food access, equality, agriculture, and the environment are impressive, they can be strengthened by expanding relationships and interactions at the regional level. One way to achieve this is through regional planning efforts. SEWRPC is in a unique position to serve all 154 provinces and local governments in the region, city and country. SEWRPC is also in a unique position to develop a comprehensive plan for the region that includes principles and recommendations that can be incorporated into a regional diet plan to strengthen existing initiatives and organizations and address all aspects of this complex issue. SEWRPC Executive Director Kevin Muhs said the plan “will be a guide to improving healthy food access and productivity throughout the region” and that the plan could play a key role in “bringing it all together”.


The Regional Planning Commission is the official Infrastructure Planning Agency for Southeast Wisconsin’s Infrastructure and Land Use Agency. The commission serves the following seven counties in Southeast Wisconsin: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozawki, Rasin, Walworth, Washington and Wausha. Under state law, the Commission’s plans are for advice to local and regional governments.

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