Potential hops ag webinar for government-grown hops

As Arkansas continue to fight the ongoing CVD-19 epidemic, experts at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Agriculture are working to make sure at least one thing remains.

On August 19, agricultural extension gardeners will present the 2021 Arkansas Hops Webinar, which will be released from the Clarkvilleville Fruit Research Center. According to a press release, the webinar will begin at 7 p.m.

Webinar covers the quality analysis of hop con, which is important for breweries to develop the traditional practices and pest management techniques, as well as their recipes and more, to promote hop in Arkansas. Webinar also features an on-site hop dryer and vacuum packing tour and an interview with Megan Willie, director of operations for Central Rock, Arkansas Brewers Guild, a small rock-based brewery.

Amanda McWert, an extensionist for the Department of Agriculture, said the website provides useful information for breeders and breeders.

“We are thrilled to share improved advice on hop growth in Arkansas.” To learn more about hop growing in Arkansas, we invite you to join us online and come back with Arkansas beer.

The website is free to join. Anyone interested in participating can register at bit.ly/hopswebinar.

Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service Agent or visit www.uaex.uada.edu to find out about extension programs in Arkansas. Follow the agency on Twitter and Instagram at @AR_Extension.

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