Prava Academy and horticultural forces join forces

At Priva Academy, Priva offers knowledge and courses in horticulture. By working with other parties, they are increasing their knowledge of fruits and vegetables and expanding the range of courses offered. So Priva is happy to know that the first agreement with Hortitech has been officially signed recently. First, a new course is expected this summer.

By sharing the best of Rob Sconons, Private Academy – “We have been able to share valuable knowledge with our users in collaboration with other professional parties. In this way, we will finally help them get the best out of their business. »The horticultural courses at Preva Academy focus on a variety of topics such as farming and irrigation strategies, planning, maintenance and labor. These courses are especially suitable for employees of fruit and vegetable companies.

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The new courses complement Priva Academy’s current offerings. “Users of Privva Academy, employed by a fruit and vegetable company, will automatically receive access to the academy with low-cost tuition,” says Rob. After a course is purchased, it will be added to your personal course catalog.

About Priva Academy
Preva Academy is an online training service that will help you increase your knowledge of various aspects of gardening. The online platform Prava provides access to knowledge on a variety of topics that farmers, their workers, crop consultants and gardeners face on a daily basis. For example, users can learn more about different aspects of irrigation, climate, energy, labor and production processes when they are more comfortable. Focuses on developing and sharing knowledge about HortiTech HortiTech.

Pim van Adrihem, Hortitech: “We do this by establishing and conducting research, on the one hand, by focusing on practice and technology, and by developing and providing training to an international audience.” The market for a specific, practical vegetable culture is large and has an audience around the world. Van Adrihem: “We believe in working together with strong parties to meet the demand for knowledge. Together with Preva Academy, we can promote vegetable-based courses to a wider audience, which will further expand their knowledge. ”

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