Prepare the September gardens for North London

With summer evenings behind us, now is the time to celebrate this year’s harvest and look forward to next spring.

Before the epidemic, our local horticultural associations were all dressed up and produced shows.

The decision to continue or cancel is very clear compared to last year.

The Muswell Hill Horticultural Association and Golf Course placement plans to move forward. Herbal Heritage Spring sale is on; There are some garden openings (listed below or for the National Gardening Program (NGS).

But Hampsed Garden has decided to postpone the show until next year, and the Hague Horticulture Association will make a decision soon.

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If I visit the NGS Gardens less than I like, I would be happy to see that the 9 Chursten Gardens, N11 will open in the afternoon in the same way as the nearby golf course placements. Pauline Gob is encouraging visitors to combine both, so they can get their tea and cake in categories. I recommend this idea as a way of comparing a wide variety of gardens, a wide golf course site with all the diversity, wonder and excitement, Pauline design and planting beauty.

Five years ago, Pauline completed her garden design course at the Capel Manor Campus in Regent Park when she moved to Churston Gardens. She was determined to improve her 1930s home and her “little” garden as a project. Now, being in the new living room is like being among the plants without wind. This makes it even more appropriate to say, “Planting interest all year round.”

The ground slowly rises to the trees behind it. Pauline tied her to three shallow steps. The idea is to gradually move from the big norm to the soft feeling, but as a recurring theme. The most important of these is Paul’s favorite and trachelospermum jasminoides, and at least at this time of year, some of the most beautiful dahlias, such as happy single kissing and moving matilda. There are also well-chosen roses, pens, salvia, and so on. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Overall, this is a valuable garden to consider.

Pauline Hamilton’s Garden in 9 Churston Gardens
– Credit – Pauline Hamilton

Events (check websites if there are cancellations)

September 4

Herbal Heritage Exhibition, 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., St. Michael’s School, North Hill, Highway N6 4BG. Spring cottages with rose nest plants are always a good stock from professional caregivers (you can order and pick up in advance).

Highlight Horticultural Society Flower Show, 2.00 – 5.00, Reformed Church, South Grove, N6 6BA

September 5

Open at NGS, Golf Course Classes, 1pm – 4:30 pm, Winston Street, N11 2AR. Drinks and products are available, flowers and product fairs.

9 Churston Gardens, N11 2NJ, 2pm – 6pm as described above.

September 11

Muswell Hill Horticultural Association Spring Flower Show, 3 – 5pm, North Bank, Pages Line, N10.

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