Preparing for the 2023 G20 Leaders’ Summit, to bring about a change in New Delhi

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) plans to decorate public spaces with India expected to hold G-20 presidential elections on December 1 this year and Deli to hold a summit in 2023 next year. A.D. 2010 Commonwealth Games, Top Officials of the Council.

Although the venue is the venue of the renovated Ex-Kum Convention Center at Pragati Mide, the council said it will be beautifying hotels, major public places and corridors from Indira Gandhi International Airport to central Delhi.

Council Chairperson Satish Uppadyi took the matter to heart and approved it at a meeting of the House on May 25, when departments, including road maintenance and horticulture, were asked to submit a sector roadmap.

Group 20 or G-20 is a group of nineteen world economies and the European Union. India will hold its first G-20 summit from December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023. Grouping is a key platform for global economic cooperation, which plays a key role in global economic governance. In February of this year, the Union Cabinet Approves the process of building a secretariat to oversee the organization of the G20 Conference in 2023.

On Saturday, newly-appointed NDMC BS Bhalla Chairman and Vice-Chairman Satish Upadhai met to discuss preparations for the G-20 summit. “We have highlighted the development projects that need to be taken to improve the beauty of the New Delhi area to receive the G-20 delegates,” Uppadia said.

“… We are preparing a comprehensive report on the Commonwealth Games project, which includes repairs, maintenance, and beautification. It will be a great time to show off the beauty of the New Delhi area while AndMC host the event… We adorn major areas such as Murti.

According to NDMC executives, the redevelopment project will require the redevelopment of the delegates’ main revenue route from Delhi Airport – Daulan Quan to Jarah Murti.

“This corridor was built by CWG Games and we will re-beautify this area. They are being hired for roads, sidewalks and road furniture, ”he added.

Upadhyay said all public spaces, will be beautified, will have a common theme and the architectural features of Central Vista stretch are expected. “The Department of Road Maintenance works on the Central Coast, sidewalks, road furniture, especially on the arterial roads around Central Vista, such as Tilak Marg, KG Marg, Tolstoy Marg, Heile Road, Tanson Marg, and Zakir Hussein Marg.” “We have already shown off our tulip collection during the winter. Based on these reports, there will be a lot of changes from now until February-March next year,” Uppadhai said.

Renovation work has already begun at the Mandy House junction and the KG Marg upgrade will be estimated at the next cost. 12 crores. According to the KJ Marg Reconstruction Project, the 1.8-kilometer sidewalk will have ruststone and paving. The NDMC will also install sculptures of freedom fighters in various locations and build kiosks along the sample kiosk lines, which will be located near the Rafi Marg Constitutional Club. Nearly 250 such model kiosks will replace existing kiosks throughout New Delhi. KG Marg hosts plazas and bicycle tracks.

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