President Greer Morristown honors non-profit Kids2Kids youth consultants

2 children:

Kids2Kids honors the recipients of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Kids2Kids (K2K) is a community-based service focused on the development of children with special needs, led by volunteer youth counselors.

Each week, these counselors volunteer their time to participate in swimming, golf, tech, art, yoga, gardening, cooking, and running programs. These young adults are paired with a child with special needs to develop a new level of experience by developing the most amazing life skills they can learn.

Over the years, K2K has considered ways to recognize our volunteers and volunteers, and has nominated a Presidential Volunteer Award.

The program was first introduced by President Theodore Roosevelt, and Americans are calling for change in their communities, as K2K has done.

Each recipient will receive a certificate signed by the President and a medal for service. Being known is no small task. Requirements for Rewards:

Age range




Children 5-10 years old

26-49 hours

50-74 hours

75+ hours

Toddlers 11-15 years

50-74 hours

75-99 hours

100+ hours

Young adults 16-25 years

100-249 hours

250-499 hours

500+ hours

K2K is proud of its highly respected advisers, even during the last 12 months of the epidemic. A.D. By the time the world closed in March 2020, these young people were able to hone their talents and make every program online. They have added additional programs such as book reading and singing.

It’s amazing what teenagers can do when they have the opportunity to lead. Many of our graduates are well-educated and well-educated. Others are better able to communicate with people who are not like them.

Every counselor in our program has made a significant contribution to the community, to families with special needs and, above all, to their potential.

Congratulations to the wonderful advisors for 2020!

Gold Recipients

Silver Recipients

Bronze receivers

Rachel Farman

Allison Forceel

Samantha Golub

Sri Lanka

Lola Martinson

Kelsey Kat

Cliti Lynn

Kayla Shan

Hayden Lynn

Bianca Silvestro

Padrak May

Emma Pifley

Anika Verma

Nina Kornchankul

Claire Wong

Isabella Gwarino

William Wong

Miranda Canisto

Sophia fee

Sophia Stuart

Mara Kelly

Madeleine Dickinson

Lucy Anthony

Matthew Katrambon

Daniel Katrambon

Kids2Kids, a non-profit corporation, was started in 2005 by students at Morista High School. Their first priority was swimming – most of the founders and consultants were swimmers. Pressure from families with special needs led to a rapid increase in 15 programs, from sports to the arts.

As the organization focuses on its programs, we also support the intellectual, social, and linguistic development of our students. We serve more than 150 families in the Morris County area.

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