Prince Charles sends patriotic warning to Sturgeon – plans to destroy desire

A.D. “Before the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, Queen Scots said,” We must think very carefully about the future. ” Charles has now made a secret request to stay in Britain. On the property of Prince Irshayer of Wales, Dumpers House displays a photograph of the Union flag in aerial photographs.

Prince Charles is also said to have expressed concern about Scottish independence on the eve of the 2014 referendum.

After seeing body language judge Judy James read Prince Charles Al Lang Sine at Burns Night, he said: There should be a message read here about the referendum to take Scotland from the United Kingdom.

For the past 14 years, the Dumfris home in western Scotland has been renovated by the Prince of Wales.

It is now open to the public and has a center offering various courses such as traditional skills development.

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“It now serves as a stimulus for environmental renewal.

“We welcome hundreds of students and students to the state each month, including heritage arts, food, agriculture, hospitality and horticulture, all of which protect endangered heritage skills that support sustainable practices, increase self-confidence and employment.

According to court sources, Prince Charles and Camila spend most of their time at home.

Of course, Charles and Camilla spend a lot of time in Scotland. He is often seen walking around the yard, talking to the main gardener.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the palace source said: “The prince is walking and ready to get his hands dirty.

I saw him walking around the yard picking up trash.

Teaching children about how to avoid wasting food, training centers on hospitality.

“The point is, it’s about the people as much as the building.

This is important for the Prince, how will Dumfris house change and help the local community?

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