Prior to the rains, winds damaged about 9,000 hectares of crops

While farmers are recovering from last year’s rains, heavy rains in May 2011 caused severe damage to crops and crops in Karnataka, affecting a total of 8,972 hectares of land, according to the Department of Horticulture. The cost of lost crops is estimated at more than 95.55 kroner. Kolar, Belagavi, and Hevary were the worst-hit districts, and bananas and grapes were the most affected crops.

A department official said such a loss of crops would not usually occur in May and that the wind was the only cause of the damage. “This time the wind blew even the roofs of the poly houses. There was no way for the farmers to protect their crops. Although they used canvas roofs, they did not protect themselves from the wind. During the rainy season, some crops rot due to rain.

Although the department is collecting information from each woreda, no system has been set up to determine the status of the crop. “We do not know if different farmers have different planting programs and are in the preterm or postnatal stages. To determine their rankings, losses need to be traced through a survey. It is very time consuming. Therefore, if 33% of the crop per hectare is damaged, it will be considered a waste of crops. Anything less than 33% is very common due to natural conditions, ”the official said.

On 6,341.83 hectares, the worst affected crop was the Koran district, which had the highest rate of mango loss. Out of 5,925.92 hectares of mango waste, 5,808.85 hectares were destroyed in Kolar Woreda. Another major mango-growing district, Chikbalalaur, fell on 33.58 hectares of mango trees. Bananas have been severely affected in Calaburagi district (163.81 hectares). Out of the 427.51 hectares lost during the month, Belagavi district covers 315 hectares.

When it came to vegetables, tomatoes were destroyed on 415.52 hectares; Onions were destroyed on a total of 170.76 hectares. Other vegetables, such as drumsticks, chili, and capsicum, have had great success during the month. The region’s two major commercial crops – Arecanat and Bethel Wine – also damaged 148.27 hectares and 79.55 hectares. According to the report, 75.56 hectares of flower crops were also destroyed by the rains.

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