Process and Control Today | In the year The list of nominees for the 2022 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award has been announced

The Innovate UK KTP Awards, which celebrate the UK’s most innovative R&D projects over the past 12 months, have announced the finalists for the Changing the World award. they are:

  • Network 2 Supplies Ltd, Coventry University, Mahsa Baniasadi
  • Royal Horticultural Society, Cranfield University, Janet Manning
  • W & J Knox Ltd, Abertay University, Ryan Ganfield

Organized by Innovate UK KTN, the awards celebrate the best three-way innovative partnerships between businesses, academic research groups and individual graduates who want to tackle climate change and social issues or improve the UK economy.

The Global Change Award highlights partnerships that demonstrate the broadest impact of their KTP by delivering societal, social or environmental impact – particularly inclusion and diversity – to make our world a better place.

Network 2 Supplies Ltd, Coventry University and Mahsa Baniasadi, the three strong contenders for the Transform the World award, are working together to develop a way for the company to recycle rare metals from e-waste while protecting the environment and preventing health-related problems. Participants from around the world. Incorporating bioleaching as a new sustainable technology in business has demonstrated a viable solution to the $55 billion a year global issue of lost rare metals.

The second round of finalists explored the key dependence on water in the ornamental horticulture industry, to drive behavioral change among professional and amateur gardeners and promote better water use. The Royal Horticultural Society’s KTP, Cranfield University and Janet Manning successfully presented project results which promised curricular changes to RHS horticulture qualifications, increased online traffic to water management websites, extensive media coverage and audience engagement to save 34.6 million litres. Main water per year. This will continue after the project.

Also in the running are W & J Knox Ltd, Abertay University and Ryan Ganfield. This collaborative group has developed a process to extract high-value commercial products from wastewater materials, obtained during wastewater treatment, while reducing waste sent to landfills. When these processes are implemented, more than 30% of net service waste can be diverted to other services, which can provide a revenue stream for the company. This led to the acquisition of an international organization in Norway, meaning that the innovation behind recycling waste is being incorporated into the global aquaculture sector.

Award ceremony coordinated by Professor Susanna Lipscomb, It features the most innovative, impactful and inspiring projects of the past 12 months. It will feature a speech from Innovate UK CEO Indro Mukherjee.

Interim CEO at Innovate UK KTN, Dr Kirsty Hewitson said, “For 45 years, Innovate UK and IUK-KTN have worked to bring together people from different sectors and walks of life to create knowledge transfer partnerships. Each year, nearly 800 amazing KTP projects advance to solve some of the biggest issues facing the world. All are worthy of celebration, but some are truly pioneering and having a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. This is what the KTP Awards are all about, and just to be nominated is an amazing achievement.

The award categories are as follows

  • The best knowledge transfer partnership
  • Technical Excellence Award
  • Business Impact and Transformation Award
  • World Change Award
  • The best education award of the year
  • Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award
  • Future Leader Award

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