Promotion: Suffolk New College supports the student’s future

Suffolk New College has a long tradition of supporting thousands of students in the region through hundreds of course programs – consistently helping them grow into careers or higher education.

Over the past three years, Suffolk New College Ipswich HQ has added three new campuses that offer educational opportunities to the wider Suffolk communities.

A.D. He joined Suffolk Rural (formerly Otil College) in late 2020 and over the past three years opened two new locations on the beach at Suffolk New College in Lyston and Haleworth.

It is designed to provide a variety of post-16 education and vocational courses for all ages and abilities on all campuses.

Ipswich Campus is constantly investing to help students acquire the skills they need in advanced facilities.

Students now have access to a variety of arts and crafts in the Forensic area, including construction workshops, sports centers, performance theaters, and science shows.

The new technology center, called the Tech Campus, will open in September for those interested in aerospace and digital and IT careers, and the college hopes to create a new environment for those interested in health and social courses next year.

Students have been supporting the hedgehog restoration method using the charity Poppy Creek
– Credit – Suffolk Rural

In the Suffolk countryside, farming students begin working on the college’s farm, and animal students are exposed to a variety of rats, mice, mice, rabbits and reptiles.

They also work with charities, and recently partnered with Papi Krech for a hedgehog rehabilitation project. Those interested in horses work in a modern veterinary center and gardening students learn their greenhouse choices as well as great outdoor skills.

Suffolk’s new college has completed a number of projects in the rural areas of Suffolk, all of which will benefit new students starting in September. The offer in the Suffolk countryside is suitable for young people who want to be outdoors and learn about the area, and there are bus routes available at the college to help students get to the site.

At On Coast campuses, the courses range from cooking to construction and hairdressing to game design.

Despite locking issues, the college has continued to offer special opportunities to students over the past 18 months.

Sports students slammed English football goalkeeper Nick Bishop, and fellow students visited a horse trainer at the Newmarket.

Following the televised show, after the students were captured, public service students sat down with Sofolk and Norfolk Constabulari to discuss anti-corruption with the Deputy Chief Constable.

Art students thanked the online audience for their end-of-the-year performances, and students from all over Suffolk rural areas showed off their talents during the family’s annual celebration, when more than 5,000 visitors visited the site.
Horticultural students are working with Thomson and Morgan on the Chelsea Flower Show next school year.

Display of students playing at the end of the year

Performing Arts students honored their online audience at the end of the year
– Credit – George Mudman / Suffolk New College

On these occasions, outstanding achievements were recognized during the awards ceremony, recognizing the efforts of high-performing students. Mia Hunter, who won two awards in English and Foundation Studies, was the student of the year.

She said of her success: “I chose to study at Suffolk New College because it seemed like the best place for me. I want to work with children in kindergarten after college. The skills I get from college help me do that. I feel so good to be known in this way and I am completely shocked – it is a real feeling of confidence. ”

With the support of motivated staff, all students are guided throughout the year. Health and social care teacher Lara Thomas was a good source of inspiration for the students after she was selected to represent Gibeon in the theater, and Andrea Thompson broke several world records from the practice class and became the world’s strongest woman in 2018.

Andrea Thompson with Ruth Langford

Andrea Thompson (right) from the Department of Education became the strongest woman in the world in 2018

– Credit – Andrea Thompson

The college offers a number of training opportunities for students who want to earn and study while working in the industry. The two students who chose this route included 20-year-old Oli Spirits, who decided that one family member would be able to return home after he became ill. He was awarded the regional title of Suffolk Agricultural Practice of the Year in a competition sponsored by Fram Farmers and the Suffolk Agricultural Association.

Emma Lodge also quit hairdressing to enter the farm and can now be seen working with the Suffolk Punch Horses at the East Anglican Rural Museum.

“We have a wide range of courses for all needs and abilities, and we are one of the first colleges in the country to offer our new T-level program. Students (Sam Corneby) became a national ambassador for these qualifications.

We continue to see some amazing student success each year and we are thrilled to welcome students to our four campuses since September.

We are still open for applications for September 2021 and we look forward to hearing from you about how we can help adults and young people meet their future aspirations and dreams.

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