Promotions and promotions for people on the move from NaturaLawn, Davey Tree and others – Landscaping

John Decker (Photo: NaturaLawn)

John Decker You have joined American NaturaLawn Family in July, Damascus. , Branch Manager.

Decker joins NaturaLawn with nearly two decades of experience in the service industry. He began his career as a grass specialist before taking on many administrative roles.

It manages a team of 25 staff members in Montgomery County, MD, and the Damascus branch of the District of Columbia.

Of Davy Tree Expert Company Raised Edward Collar For Marketing Manager, Metro New York Jobs, Residential / Commercial (R / C) Services. Metro New York Jobs serves eight R / C jobs in the New England Working Group.

Colar joined Davine in 2003 as a plant health care technician for the Albany RC office. A.D. He was appointed Sales and Service Technician in 2004 and in 2006 as a Sales Representative. A.D. In 2013, Collar was promoted to Assistant District Manager and then in 2016 to District Manager, all of whom were promoted to Albany RC office.

Collar International Farmers Association (ISA) is a certified tree care professional certified by the Certified Arborist and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). He has a business license in New York and a bachelor’s degree in natural resource conservation from New York State University (SUNY) Morrisville. A.D. He graduated from the David Grass Institute in 2004.

Davy also raised the tree Cameron Pierce For Davy Hamden, Conn., Residential / Commercial (R / C) Services Office Woreda Administrator.

Pierce joined Davin in 2014 as a sales veteran in the Hamden, R / C office. Prior to joining Davin, Davin spent four years as a regional sales manager in Fairfield County, providing plant health care solutions and programs to clients.

Pierce is an ISA certified arbitrator, a Connecticut-certified archbishop with a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, landscape architecture and communications from the University of West Virginia.

Trash Kofil, Business Process Analyst by Steel The Manufacturing Institute (MIA), a partner of the National Manufacturers’ Association, will receive an award in the future. The STEP Ahead Awards honor women who excel in all aspects of the manufacturing industry, from the factory floor to the C-class.

The STEP Women Initiative is the country’s mark program to close the gender gap in manufacturing. STEP promotes women in the manufacturing industry through recognition, research and leadership, and advises the next generation, as well as cells. STEP Ahead Awards honor women by producing. During the first five years of the program, the winners of the STEP Ahead Award affected more than 300,000 individuals — from peers in the industry to school-age children.

Kofil will be recognized on November 4 at the STEP Ahead Awards gala in Washington, DC

Mass Services Has been elevated Shawn Kewig To the Regional Manager of Southwest Florida. In its new role, QUW will be responsible for all aspects of operations, including service, sales, training and community relations for eight service centers and more than 80 team members.

Keith joined Mase in 2016 as general manager in training. A.D. In 2017, he was appointed General Manager of the Lesberg Service Center. Two years later, he became the General Manager of the Central Villages Service Center.

Prior to joining Massachusetts, Kiev served as a product manager for Publix Supermarkets for 12 years at the Target Corporation, a 16-member executive team for several teams.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Governorate University.

Willie Davy, Director of Sales for Messi Services, recognized as a ‘patriot’ under the influence of Refen Orlando Business Journal.

The Veterans Influence Awards recognize military veterans who have made significant strides in their careers, are creative and outstanding in their work, and have participated in their communities.

Davy served in the Navy Corporation for four years, earning the rank of major. After his release, he worked with other veterans in the community. He He joined Massachusetts in 2009 as CEO of the Lakeland and GreenUP Lakeland Service Centers and rose to become Director of Sales in 2017.

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