Proven winners be my kala lilies The right things for flowers, leaves

Do you have anything needed to grow kale flowers? If I can, you can too! By the end of April, some bulbs had been sent for testing. My first flower was around June 1 and I still have dozens of flowers and I can see more coming, but like you, I still doubt myself.

There were six versions of the new Be My Calla series from Proven Winners next year for my test box. There were five bulbs of each type that looked like small crackers or rocks. I was also given pots of the same size as those used for chrysanthemums. I immediately emailed him and asked him if I should grow it as a transplant, or I could simply put the bulbs in the ground. There was no response, saying that I was a Czech jerk tester, not a plane, but a Kala flower.

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