Pun Najab and Hariyana HC claim that instead of loading costs, the advocates ask them to plant trees

Saurah Malik
Tribune News Service
Chandigah, September 10

In a special order, the Pun Najab and Haryana High Court ordered one defendant to plant 75 trees at his own expense.

High Court Judge Arun Monga’s ruling on the claim that the right to file a writ of summons was revoked due to the failure of the plaintiff’s motor accident claim hearing on time.

Judge Monga accepted the appeal through his lawyer, Saurava Bati, and granted her written application at a cost of 10,000 rubles. At the expense of the applicant, the applicant will plant all kinds of tree leaves, such as Nim, Amla, Gulmohar and Alstonia, and 75 trees in the area for many years.

Judge Monga added that the farming will be carried out under the supervision of the relevant district gardening officer. According to court orders, MACT was given a letter of approval for driving.

Judge Monga ruled that the lower court complied with the order. If he does not fail to act on behalf of the applicant, he will be free to reappear before the bench by reporting the disobedience to the High Court registry. Proof of planting is provided by the complainant with the letter of support from the complainant.

The complaint was made during a hearing in which he was quoted as saying that he had filed a written complaint against the claim. Although he prepared the statement in the second claim, the defense was unable to deliver the stolen video on time. Batia added that the applicant was 90% disabled and unable to walk and could not even attend a court hearing. He had to rely on his advice and on others to follow his wishes.

Judge Monga added that if the court was given one more chance to present its case for certain costs, the need for justice would be met. The complaint does not appear to have been intended to be substantiated by the plaintiff’s previous subpoena.

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