Pun Najam CM fights SAD by playing ‘double game’ on farm rules

Pun Najam CM Captain Amarder Singh (Photo / Annie)

SBS Nagar (Pun Najab) [India]September 13 (ANI) – Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amander Singh said on Monday that Shiromani Akal Dal (SAD) had twice cut off farmers in the field of agricultural laws and that the rules had been drafted with the permission of SAD. Kaur Badal as Union Minister.

He also argued that former CM Parks Pash Singh Badal was in favor of those laws at the time, but said that when their actions were reversed, SDI was now completely changing its tone.

From the very first day, the only party that opposed the farming laws was a congressional hearing. The Punjab government then convened a special session of Punjab Vida Saba and approved bills aimed at opposing these agricultural laws.

Citing the Union Government’s amendment of the constitution 127 times since 1950, the CMC said:

“In addition to working for the relatives of the deceased farmers, the Punjab government has provided 5 million birr to each farmer who has died,” he said.

Capt. Amarder Singh was speaking at the laying of the foundation stone of the PAU-Agricultural College in Lolo Saunkri, Sahg Nagar (SBS Nagar) District. The college’s academic session will begin on October 1, 2021. Up to 60 seats are already registered.

He said it would be the first time that Ludiya Agricultural College, another university in Punjab, had taken a BSC (agricultural) course.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said: Agricultural services for regional farmers. ”

He said the study will strengthen the study on how to make better use of water resources due to the scarcity of land and water shortage in the region.

Introducing the Vegetable Research Center in Nawanshahar, Captain Amarder Singh emphasized Apple research as part of diversity. He said the state government will now pay 90 percent of the subsidy to smallholder farmers for the construction of a barbed wire fence to protect their crops from animals. Provide services to guide farmers and grow fruits and vegetables.

He also said that over the past 4.5 years, the regional government has invested in Rubles investment. 91,000 kroner for job creation for 20 million young people.

As a token, out of a total of 31066 beneficiaries in the woreda, it handed over checks to 25 landless farmers and farm workers in a debt relief program. The beneficiaries received 64.61 million rubles. (ANI)

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