Pun Najam says CM Badals are playing a double game on farm rules

BALHAAR (Martyr Bagat Sin Nagar) – In the run-up to the 2022 Punjab elections, Prime Minister Capt. Amrnder Sin on Monday accused Shiromani Akali Dal Patriarch and former Prime Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son and former deputy PM Shukbir Sin Badal of playing twice. Game over the farm laws passed by Narendra Modi’s government last year.

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According to Captain Amarinnd Singh, Shiromani Akali Dal, in collaboration with the NDA government led by Narendra Modi, first approved the three agricultural regulations, but later reversed the pressure of the Punjab rural rural constituency.

After laying the foundation stone of the first college of Punjab University Agricultural University (PAU) in Balwale village, Shaheh Bhag Sing Nagar Woreda, the Prime Minister took Akalis.

Harsirat of the Cabinet when the provisions were made

“The three farm regulations were agreed upon by the Shiromani body,” said Captain Amarder.

Former Prime Minister Parkinson Single has released a video in which he approves of agricultural laws and argues that there is nothing wrong with the new provisions.

He accused Akal Dal of abandoning farmers’ interests and now supporting them when they opposed the laws of the land.

Evacuation laws are not acceptable to farmers – CM to center

Captain Amander Singh said the center should amend the constitution and repeal the three agricultural laws as the law is not acceptable to farmers.

“The Punjab government has enacted three agricultural laws in Punjab Vida Saba. According to Three Najab CM, Congress is the first party to oppose the three laws and convene an all-party meeting with farm leaders.

He said he has increased the subsidy to fence around farms in the Candy area from 60% to 90%. He said five fruit and vegetable farms have been established in the state.

Stage: Motherhood to Pun Najab Direction

Manish Tari, a Member of Parliament for Annan, told the gathering that the center was treating mothers in Pun Najab. 1,600 kroner as Rural Development Fund (RDF).

Capt. Amarder Singh was the first prime minister to vote on the three agricultural laws.

The first PAU college outside of Lydia

PAU Deputy Chancellor Anirud Tiwari said the process for enrolling PAU’s first college outside of Lydia has been completed and classes will begin in October. The group consists of 60 students.

He said the PAU Regional Research Center in Ballol has been conducting research on apple farming and other seed crops in the Candi area.

Capt. Amander Singh also handed out debts to landless farmers and laborers.

Regional Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla, Balachar ML Darshan Lal Mangupr and SBS Nagar Mella Angad Singh were present.


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