Rainfall around 5 December December: Odisha and Hurricane Jawad may reach near the coast | Pictures

Cyclone Jawad could be heard in Odisha on Saturday morning as the rain began to fall in parts of the state, including the capital Bubaneswar. Due to the storm, 19 schools in the region were closed on Saturday.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, wind speeds range from 70-80 km per hour and up to 90 km / h, with heavy rains in several districts of the state. IMD also said it would not raise Javad to a ‘severe hurricane’. It remains a ‘cyclonic storm.’

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Expected Cyclon Javad Road

According to the latest data and weather models, Hurricane Jawad will make its way to Odisha on Sunday afternoon from Kuri beach (about 35 km), then west of Bengal to 24 Parganas south. Cyclone Jawad is weakened by deep depression near Puri Beach.

Cyclone Jawad is currently crossing the Odisha coast near Conark in Puri province, in the Gulf of Bengal, said Habibur Rahman Biswas, director of the region’s meteorological department.

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Expected Impact in Odyssey

Up to 19 woredas in the region could be hit by heavy rains, floods, landslides and damage to homes and property, the IMD said.

Gajapati, Ganjam, Yuri, Horda, Jagatingsingur, Kendrapada, Kutak, Balasore, Badrak, Jajpur, Malkangiri, Niagara, Kandhamal, Rayagada, Korasit, Maurbhanj, Kyojunghar, Kjingjhar, Angul and Denkaal. .

Expected Impact on Gajapati, Ganjam, Puri, Khorda, Jagatingspur, Kendrapara and Cuttack Provinces

i) Damage to grass-covered houses / huts and vulnerable buildings.
ii) Breaking tree branches, uprooting trees.
iii) Minor damage to electrical and communication lines.
iv) Closure of lowways and towns in low-lying areas and cities.
v) Decreased visibility due to heavy rainfall.
vi) Traffic jams in major cities.
viii) Local landslides / mud slides in mountainous areas
ix) Damage to horticulture due to flooding in some areas. Damage to banana, papaya and moringa trees.
x) River floods in some river basins

Expected Impact in Balasore, Badrack, Jajpur, Malkangiri, Nyagarh, Kandhammal, Rayagada, Korait, Maurbhang, Kyonshar, Angul and Denkalan districts

i) Breaking tree branches
ii) Road closures, floods and landslides in low-lying areas and in urban areas.
iii) Occasional decreased visibility due to heavy rainfall
iv) Traffic disruption due to road congestion in major cities

v) Minor damage to vulnerable buildings and walls
vi) Local landslides / mud slides in mountainous areas
vii) Damage to horticulture due to flooding in some areas. Damage to banana, papaya and moringa trees.

weather forecast

Under the influence of the storm, heavy rains (more than 20 cm) in some areas of Gajapati, Ganjam, Puri and Jagatsingur districts on Saturday could result in heavy to heavy rains.

Similarly, in Kendrapara, Katak, Cordha, Niagara Falls, Kandhamal and Rayagada provinces, heavy rains are likely to occur at one or two locations. Extreme levels of rainfall are expected in the isolated areas of Balasore, Badrack, Jajpur, Korath and Malkangiri.

Heavy to heavy rains on Sunday in Maverbhanj, Balasore, Badrak, Kendrapad, Jagatingsingur, Jaipur, Katak and Puri provinces are likely to occur in one or two places, with heavy rains occurring in isolated areas. Districts of Kyounjar, Angul, Dencanal, Nyagarh, Cordha, Ganjam and Gajapati.

There may also be heavy and very heavy rains in some Cuttack and Bubanswar towns.

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