Raise your garden view to the next level

Whiteland – Those who are interested in farming, but do not have time for commitment and lifestyle. There is help to bring your interests to the forefront and create that hobby that meets that need.

Central Wyoming College is trying to find those who want to build or grow their small farms under the title Integrated Wealth Management. Classes will be held August 24 – December 7.

“I am amazed at what CWC is doing to support ag diversity and encourage people to enter agriculture,” said Leroy Jones, a horticulturist at Wyoming University in Sunderland. CWC is a great resource for Coalition and this program is helpful for anyone who wants to know how to start a business.

The course earns three college credits for participants and costs $ 468 for tuition.

According to the CWC, “In this course, students prepare a business plan for a new or future agricultural enterprise. Each week we cover a different topic by creating a mission and vision for their business, developing a budget and marketing plan, and deciding how to set up their business and what they want to produce. Students then integrate those elements into an integrated business plan as a final product for this course.

They will be teachers for the course: Kyle Trubble MBA, Wind River Starting Test Team Member, Ethan Page, Wind River Agricultural Process Manager, and Keith Durren, an agricultural instructor at Central Wyoming College.

For more information, please contact CWC Lander at 307-332-3394 or by email [email protected]

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