Raising – The Greatness of Q. Gardens

Ke is undoubtedly one of our greatest gardens and one of the greatest scientific foundations in the world. It’s also a great day and if you’re like me, you will work directly with the Turner and Burton Great Glass House, no less than the tropical rainforest. When I reached the palm frond above my head, everything was dripping, the leaves gleaming in green, but this is only for the real giants who give the name of the palm tree. The land of the dinosaurs and for humans, especially during these strange times, was not a place to live for long.

Still, the water-lily house was unacceptable, according to giant water-lily pads that carried the weight of a small child. The flowers, by contrast, are just as big as my own water lily ‘Gladosotonia’, the biggest modest water-lily you can buy. It has a lot of white flowers, but when the giant “Victoria” flowers start to turn white, they become bright pink when they are contaminated by hard-working Kew gardeners who put on ripe seeds at next year’s show.

I looked at the map that led me to the Great Pagoda, which had seen Kevin since 1762, but like Alice in Wonderland I was easily navigated and this time to the hive of honey that was burning in and out of Ke’s true beehive with the sign “Hive”. Aluminum network with some 1000 LED lights flashing in response. Standing on a 17-foot[17 m]dome, I learned about the hidden world of bees, just as I had learned about the evolution of plants in the garden of Agios.

I must mention that there are 300 scientists working on all kinds of projects and nothing is more strange than the work that created the garden of Agios. Thanks to research on plant DNA, I discovered that the beautiful lotus I admired in the water lily was not related to water lilies because it was the plane of a close relative. Yes, I do know that he is Alice in Wonderland, so the scientists themselves have repeatedly tested the specimens in the mud. For me, the signal relationship between bacteria and guns was no more strange. This is the same gunnera I have in my garden, which I eventually take care of on my own like a thorny rhubarb leaf and help the bacteria to harvest the gunnera oxygen in response, which I now see with my new understanding.

Kew was a birthday present and yes, I came across Princess Augustus the Great Pagoda with ten stories and 80 colorful wooden dragons, but I came up with a very different idea of ​​plants and a place in the world.

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