Randolph Garden Club won the show at the Marshfield Show

Randolph Garden Club took the first place and best place for the garden show at the August 20 Marshfeld Show.

Members Cliff Campbell, Janet Collins, Lauren Devin, Joan Hucheon, Maria Omera and Margaret Stewart designed and built the display. The exhibition features an old window and hand-painted birds covered with leaves, leaves, and seeds to preserve the theme of this year’s “Garden Bird.”

Gob itors are invited to take part in the show with bird tips and bird listings. The garden has been planted by members of Randolphf, and it has been built for a series of meetings since the end of winter.

Drawing - All Essentials for Backyard Birds - Flowers and Berries for Food, Bird Water and Shelter, Pair of Binoculars, Some Bird Guides and Blankets.

“Growing our own flowers and shrubs is Rendolph’s input every year,” said Campbell. “it is [the installation] It was a collaborative effort of all ideas and ingenuity. ”

Collins and Davin said it was a pleasure to adapt the plan to the plants and conditions they had when they arrived at the show.

RPG has participated in the Marshfield Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition since 2018 on the previous third, second and “People’s Choice” ribbons.

Stewart said they will be having fun and participating after last year as “really needed”.

Drawing - Margaret Stuart Poetry invites guests to explore the birds;  Some are hidden in the screen.

“Every year, we are fortunate to have people who like to do something completely new and who know how to do it,” said club president Huocien.

In addition to contests, the Randolph Garden Club will plant, maintain, and renovate public halls around Rendolph, and offer educational programs at its monthly meetings. The club sponsors urban development projects by sponsoring Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrations. Meetings are open to the public, allowing Kovid-19 conditions, on the first Monday of the month, from September to June at 7pm at Randolph Town Hall. The club welcomes new members throughout the year. For more information, visit http://randolphgardenclub.com or call 781-223-4764.

Drawing - Some Birds Margaret Stuart is made from leaves, leaves, grass and paint.

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