RCHS professional building renamed

RUSHVILLE – Ken Brasharber, a former agricultural educator and RCHS FF consultant, will be honored with the RCHS Professional Building.

Brashaber’s commitment to educating agricultural students for many years will be recognized on Friday, September 24, at 5:30 p.m.

The RCHS Department of Agriculture and the Rushville FAA Professional Building have been relocated to the Agrissain Building and Kenneth Brashaber F.A. Participants will be able to visit the building and be relieved by Brashaber’s commitment to education.

The RCHS Vocational Building opened in 1978. Since then, agricultural educators and FFA consultants have taught a wide range of agricultural subjects, including crops, livestock, horticulture, welding, and animal science.

As a former teacher and mentor, Brashaber recalls that he held students accountable and allowed students to get the best out of their education. He had many successful crops, soil and animal refereeing teams and led RCHS students to national competitions.

Brashaber has a passion for agriculture, the FFA and student success. In addition, Brashaber contributes to the Russian County Community Foundation, and the Ken Brashaber FFA Scholarship continues to provide current students with the education they need to succeed.

The naming of the professional building is open to all sections of the community to come and celebrate this significant event. Former and current FFA members are encouraged to bring their FFA jackets.

Please call the Rushville FFA at 765-932-5313 for more information.

-Olivia is a senior at Rushville High School.


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