Reader View How many parks does Edmund have?

This summer, like many others, I spent a lot of time outdoors. My wife and I like to walk and photograph different neighborhoods in Edmonds. I recently received a copy of the Edmonds map published by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and decided to visit and inspect every park within the city limits. To my surprise, there were 26 parks within the city limits. You can see the full list on the city’s website.

These are just a few of the many Edmonds parks. (Photos by Chris Walton)

Even more impressive is the fact that Edmund Parks and Recreation Department’s maintenance efforts are not limited to these parks. They also guard such places as the library plaza, downtown corners, hanging baskets, Edmonds gear and many more. Edmund’s total green area is over 450 hectares.

After visiting all our parks and taking pictures, and exploring the many neighborhoods of Edmonds, one thing became very clear to me – not only do we live in a beautiful city, but our parks and other public places are wonderfully preserved. I had to write this short article because our two largest volunteer organizations – Edmonds Floretm Garden Club and Edmonds Bloom – often volunteer for urban beautification efforts (especially with hanging baskets and downtown corners).

One of the city’s many hanging baskets, to the left and to Hazel Miller Plaza.

The fact is that while these two organizations are doing a great job of volunteering to support our city, it should be noted that the Parks and Recreation Department is the team that does most of the work. They do it every day of the year. In addition, during this epidemic, and with limited manpower, our parks and outdoor areas will remain clean and well maintained.

As a member of the Edmonds Floratim Garden Club, I worked with Debra Dil and Eric Bird (both parks and recreation staff) during short field trips when we helped set up the city center corners. It is clear from these limited interactions that protecting our city’s public spaces and parks is not the only A Work For them. It is love for them. They love what they decide and do.

Debra Dill is the city’s special multi-purpose water pump.

They often see Eric and Debra walking out to ask questions about the city’s many plants and trees. Their group does not just go to kindergarten and buy beautiful trucks every year. The city has a greenhouse next to the city park, where it distributes new plants and does a variety of gardening.

The park team is very knowledgeable about trees and plants. They have detailed plans and strategies for basket, edge and park maintenance. Keep a record of which plants worked well and which plants may not be suitable for certain areas. Debra Isa (International Farmers Association) is a certified arborist and holds the Isa Track.

To sum up, next time I would like to point out to you one of the city’s parks and amusements for seeing the “Park Maintenance” logo, greeting the staff members and thanking Edmund for keeping the city beautiful. it is!

– By Chris Walton

Chris Walton is an active member of the Edmonds Florence Garden Club, and occasionally volunteers volunteer to plant and cut corners at Anderson Center. He and his wife have been exploring Edmunds for 17 years. Chris has no personal contact with the City Parks Department or their staff. You canisit Edmund Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services on their website.

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