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ROCKSPRINGS: Maggie County 4-H members are recognized for their achievements and received awards last week during the fair.

Top prizes for high school graduates this year have been sponsored by Bishop Beavers 4-H Club, with Dominic Bucher, Logan Caldwell, Whitney Dust, Steven Physical, McKenzie Long, Christine McKay, Trevor Morris, Justin Lears, Emily Pears, Emily Pears, Emily Woman, Jassina Will, Samuel Williams and Hannah Erwin.

The Cloverbud Postgraduate Awards are sponsored by the Mags County Agricultural Bureau and include Caydin Evans, Auri Dicks, Case Detville, Alan Ridonor, Kadens Zuspan, Alexis Schaefer, Landon Colburn, Sophia Ulberch Mills, Caleb Vanstein, Trare. , Kaisley Wise, Aubrey Brown, Grace Parry and Jay White.

The author’s books, sponsored by Vaughan Agency, have been given to the next generation and Meg Creek.

Michael R.

The community service award sponsored by Norris Northp Dodge went to the next generation and cowboy boots and country roots.

Woodworking Awards are sponsored by Pomero Local Association # 650 Pomero and presented by Billy Wells. These awards were given to Hunter Boyer and Kad Newland for up-Unit 1.

Ridenour Gas Service, Rasin Optometric Clinic and PDK Construction, Inc. Sponsored Special Project Interviews Awarded to Lincoln Thomas Fisherman Beginner. Maveryk Lisle-Livestock; Tyson Hop-Start-Knowing Your Tractor, Michael Kesterson-Bull Breeding; West Smith-Market Turkey; Samuel Creams: Self-determination music; Eva Enslen-Market Rabbit; Cade Newland-Cattle; Nevada Johnson-Market Sheep; James Spencer: Market Goat; Braille Sims-Market Goat; Hunter Boyer-measurement up; Brogan short-market turkey; Lucas Finlaw-Fani Chicken; Shelbe Cochran-horse selection and draft horse; Kendall Schagel-Chickens; Rachel Jackson: Your ideas are important; Christian Howell-Computers; Rikki Bauerbach-Let’s start cooking; And Emmy Taylor: Great fun.

The 2021 Milk Cow Award sponsored by American dairy farmers went to Alisa Richards.

Sponsored by the Athens-Migs County Bureau of Agriculture, the 4-H Extra Member Award is awarded to Cade Newland, Christine McKay, McKela Nelson, McKenzie Long, Dominic Bucher, Cameron Hagaman, Justin Pierce, Shaw Joseph, Kalin Seth, Coltin Parker, Corey Seth, Bailey, Alexis Ingles, Kira Zupan, Gaj Clary, Hayden Hensley, Christine Curtis, Grace Lee, Riley Blackstone, Eli Howell, Clay Buckley, Alan Buckley, Lincoln Thomas, Brogan Short, James Spencer, Kenzi Armes, Lydia Barringer, Lizzie Parry, James Fitch, Sheila Hessel, Makala Smith, Woody Will and Emily.

Winners of the County Success Award sponsored by the Farmers’ Bank, the Man of the Match and the Metro Train, the winner of the hunter Clary (rabbit nominee) Kalin woman (animal science, beef, dairy, and grading and gardening candidates); Kalin woman (candidate for leadership, citizenship and community service and personal development); Christine McKay (Animal Science Variant); Christine McKay (Pig and Goat Candidate); Hannah Erwin (Poultry Nomi); Ryan Shagel (Alternative Poultry); Ryan Shagel (Candidate for leadership, citizenship and community service and personal development).

Kalen Woman won the State 4-H Success Award sponsored by Tuppers Plains One Stop as a second option for fruits and vegetables.

State Skillathon participants sponsored by 3R Industries, Birchfield Funeral Home and Fox Pizza Den were Liszi Parry for lambs and Matthew Garrett Parry for lambs.

Participants in government equity project judges were recognized and awarded, sponsored by Parker Corporation, Bar Papers and Bar LLP, Children’s Farm and Home National Bank. Those attendees Emma Kay Taylor-Swei fun and let’s start cooking, McKenzie Sellers-picture poster; Grace Lee-Cake Decoration, Beginner; Dana Card-Cat 2 and you and your dog; Shona Yosef-Cat 3; Measurement Clary-Cavis; Lilland Parker: All About Dogs; Kendall Schagel-Star Spangled Foods and Explore Outdoors; Christian Howell-Computers; Rachel Jackson: Your ideas are important; Hunter borer-bee reading; Lincoln Thomas-Beginner Fishing; Luke Inter-Fishing for Medium; Haley Hatfield-Ohio Birds; Browsing Browse Polar Science.

Kendall Schagel has been awarded both Star Spangled food and outdoor exploration at the Ohio State Exhibition. The award is sponsored by Devi Webber Construction, Hill Classic Cars and Montgomery Trailer Sales.

The Maggie County 2021 Best 4-H members, sponsored by the Charles Blacksley family and the Farmers’ Bank, have been named as Kalin’s wife and Ryan Shagel. These award winners are eligible to participate in this year’s Washington Citizenship Focus.

Volunteer Wendy Miller has been awarded the Pauline Atkins Award for Outstanding Volunteerism, sponsored by Simons, Musher and Warner Innings. And the Savior’s family.

Kalin’s wife and Hannah Erwin both received a $ 500 family scholarship from Land Parker.

The Edward “Tate” Warry Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Emily Julls for $ 500.

Kalin’s wife and James Spencer are known to be excellent members of the Junior Fair Board. Kalin’s wife and Christine McKay have been awarded a Junior Judicial Board Scholarship.

The picture is an extra effort for 4-H members.

In the center are Kalin, who received the General Fair Board Scholarship and Best Member Award.

Pictured here is Calene, a recipient of the Lland Parker Family Scholarship, with the Parker family.

In the picture are the winners of the most advanced project interviews.

The second and third on the right are Raan Shagel and Kalin’s Woman, 2021 Best 4-H members.

Wendy Miller, Center, Pauline Atkins Award.

Pictured are 4-H members of the Ohio State Justice Project.

Pictured on the right is Emily ull Lins, a walker for the Edward “Tate” War Memorial Scholarship. Also pictured are the Werie family and 4-H consultants.

Rewards Day at the Exhibition

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