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Willer Foshe, an associate professor of horticulture at Auburn University, was recently recognized by the North American Colleges and Agricultural Teachers (ACACA) Teacher of the Year.

Foss is a graduate of the 1977 Red School class.

This national award recognizes individuals who have excelled in their efforts in higher education. The NACTA Teacher Award, formerly known as the NACTA Teacher Partner Award, is an award based on a requirement to submit a large packet with supporting letters and be evaluated by the NACTA Board of Trustees.

“It is so humbling to receive such an award for teaching what I truly love,” said Fos. “That’s how I got my doctorate. Inside and what I really like to do. I am deeply honored. ”

Fo hee also received an award from the College of Agriculture for teaching according to the students, said Desmond Line, head of the Department of Horticulture.

“Dr. Fo Hee is a humble, loving, knowledgeable and warm-hearted student who communicates easily with students. His wisdom and experience light up when he presents farm topics to them through personal stories and real life stories. As a farmer, extension agent, researcher and educator, Alabama knows about life experience, knows farming, and knows how to help students connect points.

Foss has been in his current position for 17 years. Prior to joining the Department of Horticulture, he worked as an extension specialist at the Auburn College of Agriculture for 12 years. He started teaching in that class in It was 1998.

“I feel it is a call to do this, and especially to help college students in agriculture,” Fosh said. “That’s where I want to teach. Before I could teach in it, I was a student at this college, and I love helping Aur’s students. I want to help them find jobs, careers, and open their eyes to fruits and vegetables and farms.

Foss has conducted research on vegetable and pea production and integrated pest management, has published more than 40 peer-reviewed journals, and has served as principal professor for several graduate students in the horticultural department. Serves as a coordinator for an undergraduate degree in agricultural science.

Although Foss has highly productive research and extension programs, his great practices are evident in the section where he tells his students about his past experiences.

“The desire to engage and mentor students goes beyond the classroom and the student,” Laine added. Many years later, many call him for advice on career and life decisions. Its truthfulness and care are undeniable and priceless. Many students say, “He’s the best professor I’ve ever met in Auburn.”

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