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If you carelessly plant spring bulbs or chrysanthemums to beautify your yard, or do a lot of research on a wide variety of vegetables, plants and flowers, and then follow the vision, most of you can agree to the effort to develop a home. Big or small, bring great beauty to any neighborhood.

To a large extent, a couple in Buck County have turned their seemingly impossible assets into an unbelievable color scheme. So, you can see their vision for yourself.

Driving through Bucks County, you may not know it Gardens of Mill Floors, But as you enter the driveway, you are surrounded by a large amount of color at a time.

Gardens in vegetable gardens

“When the sun began to set, the yellow – just like the back of the garden – did I die and go to heaven? what’s this? Because the light is coming and everything is back on and things are shining in the same way. That’s it. It’s amazing, ”said Barbara Tiffany, her co-owner.

Barbara Tiffany and her husband, Robert, share the special setting. For about an hour outside of Philadelphia, they hid in Tokko Creek, Penn Pleys, Book County, and near the Delaware River.

When we took the bamboo out of here, it was completely treeless and without vegetation. There was nothing here. The fig trees were here, ”Barbara recalled.

It started as a temple for artists and friends and became a way of life for the couple. They are now showing their ever-improving ornamental garden to the general public.

My wife and I were married and it was bed and breakfast. It was called Innisfree, and it was the only place we could stay overnight. We put our friends here and he was in the countryside. It was beautiful. Tiffany wanted this property and I never wanted it. It’s 10,500 square feet and ‘Why do two people want that corporate space?’ You know, our children have grown up and grown up, ”said Barbara. He was still in the market and we were watching him and I said things like ‘on my corpse’.

But, he wanted what the heart wanted and Robert Tiffany kept his heart on the property quietly, patiently and consistently.

In 1993, we were artists on a farm in the backyard of the Josemite region. So, I was in La La Land because I had never been an artist in a house before and this was my “God”. So, I was rolling on the mountain, through lupine and wildflowers. I thought, ‘Maybe we can do what they do here?’ I say. What does that mean that makes people creative, because what else do they do all over the place? ”

That place became theirs. However, when the evolution of the property took place, it faced many obstacles. Bamboo, for one. Toxic poison, as well.

We started the garden because of the bamboo on the walls. And when we finish digging, bamboo climbs: I say this with authority: You dig three feet and lift every cubic inch. How to get rid of dirt and bamboo, ”explained Barbara. In the back of the house, where the colors are warm, that multi-plant rose, um, poison ivy is very old… You know, poison ivy is a vine and it grows trees to support itself. And the tree is this special poison. It’s been a long time since Ivy came up and disappeared – you can see the stump, it’s broken. The poisonous ivy trunk was large. Hair, scary and he, he supported himself on the ligaments that supported him on the ground. The scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, ”Barbara described.

They lived only in 1742 when they returned to their historic factory. After the mill was returned, Barbara set out to fill her treasury plantations.

Then came the opportunity to join Pennsylvania Horticulture Association, Which put them in a new way of showing their ever-improving garden to the public.

Great Gardens around Philadelphia Philadelphia began to market itself as the capital of the world, and it really is. More than 35 are within 35 miles of Philadelphia and are very rich. It’s very interesting, you know, as a member of the public, I thought so. But, I don’t know, someone asked me if I wanted to join the association and said, ‘Are you kidding? Yes, where do I sign? ‘It’s an extraordinary effort. He is very considerate. He is very caring. And every gardener does what he does. They say, ‘What do you want? What do you want us to do to support you? ‘ He is an amazing team. ”

Barbara has a simple philosophy to choose from.

“Everyone has to plant what they want. I believe that if she can save the planet, it will be saved by diversity. I have many natives, called many natives. I have many imported plants. From other countries in the same latitude. Or not. I try a lot.

The garden is spacious and varied and the hosts are warm, knowledgeable and friendly. The garden itself is beautiful all year round. The bucconic setting invites peace. This has to be seen with much to offer. Find yourself inspired by Mill Fleurs Gardens.

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