Rehabilitation work begins on 2 popular Mughal gardens in Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir began a month after signing a MoU with the JSS Foundation to protect the two most famous Mughal gardens – Nishat Bag and Shalimar Bag.

Abha Narain Lambah, a conservation architect working with the JSS Foundation, briefed Governor Mano Sinha on Wednesday on the team’s ongoing efforts to protect and renovate the Shalimar and Nisha gardens.

A government spokesman, for his part, praised the architect for his efforts in restoring the original beauty and grandeur of the famous heritage gardens.

Shalimar Bag is the largest Mughal garden in Kashmir, built by Emperor Jhangir for his wife, Nur Jahan, in 1619 on the northeast shores of Lake Sirrin.

Built in 1633 by Asif Khan, the iconic Nisha Bag is also a Mughal garden near Shalmar on the east side of Lake Dal. The mountains of Zabar are the backbone of the garden.

A.D. In March 2020, Lambah, led by the Building Protection Agency, was appointed by the Genocide government to register UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Mughal Gardens as Kashmir. Lambah has won 9 UNESCO Asia Pacific awards for conservation projects.

On July 28, the Jenkeke government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the JSS Foundation, the social arm of the international consortium of the JSW Group, to rehabilitate and maintain the gardens to restore these monuments.

A spokesman for the JSW Foundation said the JSW Foundation is financially and technically supporting the two heritage gardens under the auspices of the CSR Foundation.

Following the memorandum of understanding, J&K LG said that the promotion of cultural heritage to connect people from all over the world with the history of J&K was putting a lot of pressure on them to integrate it into the UT development plan.

Technically, the support of the JSW Foundation is expected to provide “some pressure” on heritage conservation work.

The Shalimar and Nisat Gardens Rehabilitation Project is being overseen by the project monitoring committee headed by the Secretary of State, the Department of Floriculture and Parks.

The project is being carried out in two stages. The Nishat Bag protection and rehabilitation project is an estimated cost A similar project is also planned for Shalimar Bag.


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