Reinforcement logos | Sowing the seeds of creativity and gender equality in valley gardens

They say farming is not for women, moreover, not for urban women. Banate Masud, a 35-year-old banner, has been helping to break down all these misconceptions and help them grow and prosper in remote areas of Kashmir.

Currently serving as CEO and manager of Farm2U’s post-harvest unit in Kashmir, Sana uses her knowledge of plant biotechnology and plant tissue culture to guide farmers.

She leads a team of 300 people who specialize in high valley farming and work in the Valley’s largest fruit and vegetable business.

“I guide them to the vegetables they store in the freezer. Many are surprised when a young woman offers advice on how to build a garden. But for women farmers, my presence is reassuring, ”says Sana, who has been encouraging more women to take up the male-dominated business in the valley so far.

A.D. In 2013, she set up seed solutions to empower women in the field, but it failed due to flooding in the valley. “We re-launched the project and successfully trained three women on development farms. Their success is to encourage more women into this field. But much remains to be done. ”

The 35-year-old has been part of a number of women’s initiatives in Kashmir, including the launch of a psychology program, Hunmanman, an embroidery cluster for more than 114 women, and Zinban’s plan for flood crafts for 150 artisans. “Even though I belong to a large group, I continue to work on women’s initiative, especially in rural Kashmir. My initiative has helped hundreds of women become self-sufficient in agriculture and horticulture. Timram and Vesta have set up women’s clusters in herbal medicine under two programs: 70 women and 57 farmers in four villages in Shanghai Antenag to help 57 women farmers in four villages.

Sana, the daughter of renowned artist Masoud Hussein, grew up near the Jawahanagar Post. Although there were no farms or gardens where I grew up, my first experiment with plants was in a small garden in my house. Even as a child, I was fascinated by plants, seeds, flowers, and anything close to nature. ”

She thanks her parents and sister for all her success. “My family is always by my side. Sometimes my parents would accompany me when I went to the mountains to learn organic farming.


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