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Las Vegas, September 10, 2021 (CNW) – Australia Capital Inc. . (“BAM”) Based on personal agreement transaction.

The company and a private buyer have agreed to sell limited BM shares for $ 2,970,000.00. The total amount of BM shares sold is 9.8% of BM shares and 54.7% of the company’s BM shares. Following the sale, the company continued to hold 8,206,549 BM shares or 8 per cent of BM shares.

Following the announcement, the company will no longer be a Ba’athist. As a result of the sale, AUSA removed its shares to reduce its physical and mental value by less than 10%, giving greater flexibility in terms of compliance regulations in Assosa. America. AUSA continues to evaluate the strategic potential of certain heritage sites. Following such objectives, AUSA will take a long-term view of the investment. AUSA reserves the right to formulate other proposals or other proposals and to take such action in light of its investment in the Company. Depending on market conditions and other factors, AUSA may obtain additional security for the Company, as it may appear to be appropriate for open market purchases, private transaction transactions or otherwise. AUSA may eliminate some or all such security. AUSA may also reconsider its plans or ideas related to the above.

Management opinion

“As one of the leading investors in body and mind, we are pleased with the growth of the company, the discipline management and the continued expansion of the brand and license in certain licensing markets and territories,” he said. Terry Booth, Audacious CEO. We look at opportunities for both companies to work together, and they are now evaluating these in light of our reduced reductions that give us more flexibility.

Early warning report is provided in accordance with National Equipment 62-103

This press release is issued in accordance with the requirements of National Equipment 62-104 and National Equipment 62-103. A copy of the early warning report is available under the company’s SEDAR profile.

About AUSA

Audacious is a cannabis company based on community and culture. After the end of the opposition shareholder battle with the approval of a convincing shareholder Terry BoothOn March 9, 2021, the former Aurora CEO, who had to stay away from AAS as he drove, rejoined AUSA as CEO. Established old contracts, established a world-class executive team, and resolved former executive and board exits.

Within the same 3-month period, he bought AUSA Alps and entered the fast-growing global horticultural industry, which is growing rapidly. ALPS provides custom designs with a wide range of services to enhance operators’ productivity and quality by reducing resources and resources, including labor. Alps currently works in cannabis and traditional horticulture projects, including in the United States. KannadaDenmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia, Australia, As well as other states.

It has only been 12 months since the Aurora Crisis left the top of the Alps. $ 1 billion, On the fast-growing business development pipeline $ 4 billion He plans to spend all his time with potential customers.

AUSA’s business assets include: 51% ownership interest in ALPS, the remaining 49% ALPS –- AUSA and MSO Award-winning MSO have reached a significant agreement with respect to all options and agree to all terms. 100% acquisition for AUSA (subject to regulatory approvals). AUSA also owns land in Bellingham, Washington – As well as the imprint of the famous West Coast brand Mr. Nature and the incompatible brand LOOS California Market. AUDACIOUS has a partnership with PBR, the Professional Bull Equestrian Association. Under the partnership, the company has acquired PDD under the Rreck Relief brand.

AUSA also has a supply partnership Belle Flair, Formed by the group behind the rapper weed. Machine Gun Kelly recently stated: “I bought a $ 1,000 rapper weed in Maywood for cookies. These people have the best flowers in the game. AUSA and Belle Fleur are working on an extensive preparation to include brand partnerships Massachusetts And other states that the companies intend to enter.

AUSA also has Physical and Mental Inc. The company also has a sponsorship deal Make an effort Owned professional bull riders, as well as a vocabulary for the JV partnership with the US Kannada-Based 3 rivers biotech for plant tissue culture, genetics for purification and distribution.

AUSA and ALPS have confirmed contracts or are in final negotiations in the following states. Australia, UAE, Bahrain, Kannada, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Jordan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Massachusetts, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, And California, Is currently being reviewed and negotiated with other agreements in other states. Lovers are focused on radiation new York And New Jersey as well as.

The company’s joint stock trading is on the OTCQB under the “AUSA” logo and the “AUSAF” logo.

»Terry Booth»

Terry Booth
managing director

A statement of the future

This press release contains “future information” in the translation of applicable security laws. Except for historical facts, all statements included herein are for future reference. In general, forward-looking information such as “plans”, “expectations” or “expectations”, “plans”, “expectations”, “budgets”, “plans”,) “estimates”, “predictions”, “predictions”, and “predictions” ”Or“ does not expect, ”or“ believes, ”or the use of words or phrases that describe differences in such words and phrases, or specific actions, events. Or results may occur, occur, or occur or be achieved. Specifically, this press release contains future information related to this: ALPS: Ability to convert pipelines into contracts; Changes in the US federal and state legal framework in relation to the cannabis industry and the opportunities this may provide to the company, and the current liquidity of the company. This future information reflects the current beliefs of the company and is based on current information available to the company and the company’s assumptions. These assumptions are not limited to the Company’s ability to successfully meet the conditions required to close the planned transaction; For the company and for G.T. Legal changes related to the cannabis industry will continue as expected.

Future information is based on the Company’s actual performance, level of activity, performance, or successes based on the material, the known and the known risks and uncertainties, and other factors. Such risks and other causes may include, but are not limited to: general business, economic, Competitive, political and social instability; General Capital Market Status and Guaranteed Market Prices; Accurate results of the company’s future operations: Competition; Legal changes affecting the company; Foreign funding time and availability on approved terms; Loss of competent, trained labor or key individuals; Accidents related to the COVID-19 epidemic: travel restrictions, border closures, unnecessary business closure, service disruptions, exclusion, isolation, shelter, advice, government officials and measures – space and social unrest, market disruption, economic activity , Finance, supply chains and sales channels and general economic conditions that may limit the company’s external financing capacity.

Additional risk factors that may differ materially from future information are available on the organization’s SEDAR website at Although the company may be trying to identify the material that may be materially identifiable in the future, there may be other reasons why it may not be as intended, intended or intended. Accordingly, readers should not be overconfident about future information. Readers are warned that the list above is incomplete. Readers are warned not to place unreasonable reliance on future information, as there is no guarantee that their plans, objectives, or promises will be fulfilled. Such information, although considered reasonable by the administration at the time of preparation, may be inaccurate and may differ materially from the expected results.

The future information contained in this press release is clearly eligible for this warning. The future information contained in this press release represents the Company’s expectations from the date of this press release, and may change after this date. However, the Company expressly disclaims any ideas or obligations to update or revise any future information, unless specifically requested by the relevant information, future events, or any other applicable security law.

CSE does not endorse or accept the content of this press release. CSE or its regulatory service provider (as defined in the CSE policies) will not be liable for the accuracy or accuracy of this release.

Source: Australia Capital Inc.

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