Remember the juice? You can still get this ‘forbidden’ drink at the 2021 NYS Fair

At the last New York State show, In 2019, a certain orange drink was making a little noise.

It was custard juice. That same summer, a drink made by Phoenix, a Lock 1 distribution company in Oswego County, caught the attention of Syracuse University trademark lawyers.

SS did not object to the use of the word “Kuse”. He decided not to fight Lock 1, and agreed to withdraw from the market that fall. But it was still in production, in shops and bars.

And at the 2019 Exhibition, you can find the juice in the mix itself or in the blended fields.

Surprisingly, the original cause of the riots still exists for the 2021 show, but in more limited areas. (That does not count Lock 1’s new EXCUSE drinks, which have been replaced).

The restaurant that took over the former Empire room at this year’s fair is the headquarters of the Cusse Juice. You can also get your first drink at the New York Beer Pub and Distribution Center at the east end of Midway.

Daniella’s 35 charges include the first Kussi Juice, said Brian Stoolsky, the restaurant’s manager. Most of them are used to make homemade bar (formerly the Empire State Bar) and to make juice from a nearby tent.

The sauces are made with freshly squeezed 1 ጭማቂs Ryze Vodka, mixed with icing ice cream and filled with whipped cream and sprinkled.

A.D. In 2019, Daniella’s wife, Charlie Roman, announced the drink: “The show could be a bit controversial.” This year, he said, “If you want a real juice experience, come here.”

Since last year, Roman has been building Daniel’s Fresh Seafood and Pasta House throughout the year in the former Empire (and he still owns Daniella’s Steakhouse at Government Fair near Buildings). Roman is also open during the exhibition, which opens a special Daniella restaurant near Gate 4.

The orange custard, made from real juice, is in front of the New York State Press and Distribution Center Newway. (Don Cassentre)

At New York Beer Publishing and Distribution, the actual juice is also spiced in an orange sauce, seasoned with whipped cream and a slice of orange.

Lock 1 Distilling, meanwhile, has its own seats, one outside the Dallala / Empire room and the other in a garden building, but they don’t sell juice or any cocktails.

Lock 1 is selling a sample of their spirit line, including a new drink introduced last year. Those are called apologies (found?). They come in a variety of tropical flavors, including pineapple, mango and coconut, and of course oranges.

The orange version of the bar is the main ingredient in the Tommy C stand in the colony. The subtitle is called the “orange crush”, “b. B. It is a mixture of Orange Excise with Sprite, Grenadine dash and a piece of orange.

And on the locks, you will find the key 1 products in the restaurant Tiki Tle Li and at the far end of the West House in the restaurant row.

If you want that unadulterated first taste of Cuse Juice, go ahead and try the Lock 1 Orange excuse. The label is different from the original but the content counts, right?

“It’s exactly the same product,” said Steve Dates, co-owner of Lock 1.

Drink juice at the fair

At the Tommy C parking lot in New York City, an orange crunch was made with orange juice to replace the now-banned juice. (Don Cassentre)

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