Report County County unemployment rate stable, declining across state | Robesonian

Statistics released on Thursday show that Robinson County unemployment is on the decline in October, with regional and neighboring counties declining.

According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCC), unemployment in 83 North Carolina counties (not currently adjusted) has increased by eight.

According to The Robsonia on Thursday, state, county and metro area unemployment figures show a sharp decline in the number of state workers returning to work or quitting their jobs over the past few months.

Robinson County Monthly: Monthly Unemployment Remains 6% in October, making the county one of the nine unchanged September reports.

However, according to the NCDC, the Robinson County October Pool By 2020, it will have dropped from 50,667 to 49,732, with the loss of 935 qualified employees a year. Comparing the third quarter performance of 2020 with the same period in 2021 shows a loss of 2,271.

The recent increase in the number of October to the third quarter shows that employers lost 3,206 workers in the local pool.

Unemployment reported in woredas around the region has generally declined.

The highest unemployment rate in the five counties of Robinson County, Scotland County, was 7.8 percent, the same as last month. Bladen County unemployment rate 4.5%, Columbus 5%. Cumberland 5.6%

At the state level, the number of employed workers (which was not adjusted at the time) increased from 19,925 to 4,884,941 in October, while the number of unemployed decreased from 5,888 to 184,904. A.D. Since October 2020, the number of state-employed workers has increased by 156,670, while the number of unemployed has decreased by 140,164, according to a report on Wednesday.

According to the Department of Commerce, “Employment estimates are subject to large current trends, so it is important to focus on annual changes that are not adjusted from time to time.”

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