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Bobby El Rush, a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, announced the launch of two new programs to strengthen urban agriculture and community food security (HR 5173) and urban development. Agriculture in communities across the country. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The $ 20 million annual Urban Protection Reduction Program ensures equitable long-term access to urban land for food production and maintenance and agricultural use. The Urban Agricultural Micro Entrepreneurs Assistance Program, approved for $ 3 million annually, provides micro-loans and grants to support the development and continued success of urban agricultural micro-enterprises. The law provides $ 15 million annually for the Community Food Project assistance program designed to combat food insecurity in low-income communities.

“Urban agriculture is the future of agriculture, and Chicago is already leading the way,” says Reporter Rush. “This law provides the necessary incentives for urban agricultural programs throughout the country, allowing individuals to protect urban land and provide financial support to urban agricultural enterprises. Investing in urban agriculture will help us make great strides in addressing food insecurity and public health issues in many communities in Chicago, especially in color communities. I am proud to be a city agricultural champion on the council’s agricultural committee, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to move this law forward.

In the United States over the past 30 years, urban agriculture has grown by more than 30 percent. According to a recent study, if fully implemented in cities around the world, urban agriculture could produce up to 180 million metric tons of food a year. Chicago is home to a strong urban food community with hundreds of urban farms, including many large urban farms.

The Urban Agriculture and Community Food Security Act is supported by groups including the Illinois Conservation Alliance, Urban Farmers Collective, Urban Agricultural Advocates, and the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition (NSAC).

Here is what they have to say about the bill:

In the darkest days of the epidemic, urban farmers in cities and cities across the country fed people when we needed them most. People spread their beliefs in local food production. Urban farmers desperately need their resources – land and capital to expand and increase their work, says Congressman Rush Illinois Conservation Alliance executive Liz Moran Stelk.

According to Erika, co-founder Erika, climate awareness and flexible economic infrastructure are not only financially responsible but also logical on all fronts. Urban Manufacturers Joint and Programs and Development Strategies Joint and CEO of Urban Farmers, and Laurel Sims, Co-Founder and General Manager of Urban Manufacturers. Before the climate crisis accelerates, we now have the opportunity to jointly adopt climate-friendly food systems. And we have a duty to democratize and destroy the economies of our cities through the lens of food equality in order to revitalize agriculture as a public health and well-being as well as to create equity and to embrace pre-migration rural heritage together. Economic Innovation and New Agricultural Entrepreneurs ”

“Bobby Rush (D-il), a representative of the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition (NSAC), has applauded the introduction of the Urban Agriculture and Community Food Security Act,” said West King. “Stable long-term access to land and modest financial capital are major barriers to achieving the potential of community food security and community-based urban entrepreneurship. Urban agriculture and community food security law directly focuses on overcoming and overcoming those barriers and breaking the spirit of entrepreneurship. NSAC looks forward to working with Representative Rush and Congress to promote this bold idea

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