Resilient Harvests Conference CEA requires leaders to share knowledge

The Resilient Harvests Conference, first announced in March by our parent company Endeavor Business Media, will be held in Long Beach, CA. First, the organizers of the Resource Innovation Institute and the accompanying Coordinating Committee members should review the speaker’s ideas. Have you sent an abstract so far?

Over the years, I have blogged about opportunities to design conference programs. LEDs Magazine Supports lighting strategies to horticultural lighting and horticultural conferences. This opportunity is different, can you ask? Well, yes, I think so.

For starters, we are fortunate to have an incredibly experienced and diverse affiliate committee for this upcoming Resilient Harvests event. You can see the list of members on the conference website but note that they come from many professional backgrounds, such as marketing market development programs such as the Designflyts Consortium; Utilities and agencies such as the Southern California Edison and the California Energy Commission; And agricultural academies and consultants, as well as McGill University and Agricultural Technology.

Why is it useful? The Board of Trustees reflects the scope of content and knowledge required by the organizers of this invaluable meeting. The strategy is to bring together speakers who are actively involved in policy and regulation, technology integration and business development opportunities such as energy efficiency programs and utilities to build the future of uncontrolled environmental agriculture (CEA).

Resilient Harvests is intended to connect industry stakeholders and CAA utility operators with knowledge and skills to advance growth in the CEA market.

Submit your abstract by May 23rd. You can contact conference director Derek Smith for questions. We look forward to expanding our knowledge of CEA and engaging with you as we learn more about this conference program.

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