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The Delaware County Chief Gardener Association (DCMGA) recently announced that the 2021 Ohio State University Extension State Conference Master Volunteers have received the award. Delaware County’s top gardeners have won state awards in all categories and are recognized by the state as the “Best of the Best.”

DCMGA has been awarded the following awards.

• Terry Lichfield was named the Best Master Gardener Volunteer

• The Native Plant Propagation Project has been named the largest MGV project in the field.

• Grace Clinic Project and DCMA website won the epidemic endurance award

• Stratford Ecological Center named MGV Friend


Inspired by her interest in her country’s gardens, she set up a Lichfield committee to produce local plants for sale and created educational opportunities for the community and MGVs along the way.

A statement from Ohio State University Extension Delaware County said, “Terry is always smiling as she shares her love for the local plants with the community during school days, seeding events, gardening or solving technical problems. “Butterflies and chief gardeners, thank you Terry for everything you do on behalf of us and the gardeners.”

Native Plant Reproduction Project (NPP)

NPP will find leading gardeners and lay gardeners interested in conserving biodiversity and Facebook on biodiversity through workshops, presentations and plant sales and digitally. It strives to teach ecology that is ecologically sustainable and promotes the health of insects and birds.

The epidemic endurance award

According to OSU Extension Delaware County, the recognition was a “once in a lifetime award” for how each county responded to and responded to the restrictions imposed by the CVD-19 pandemic.

DCMGA continued to reach out to the community through the use of the new website and the Grace Clinic during the outbreak.

“The website was created with the vision of becoming a source for the Delaware County community as a vegetable garden and fruit library,” the statement said. “It will create a new way to connect our Delaware County and MGV communities digitally and gain greater open access and access to all of our amazing education and garden resources.”

Grace Clinic is a medical service in Delaware that provides free care to uninsured and uninsured members of the community.

“MGVs Barb Butt and Carol Champa have responded to the clinic’s call for help and how to provide fresh produce and their clients to learn about the benefits of eating fresh vegetables,” the statement said. “They set up garden beds and instructed the clinicians on how to take care of the beds. They also taught the Grace Clinic clients how to grow vegetables.

Stratford – Best MGV Friend

“Delaware County senior gardeners view the Stratford Ecological Center as an important resource for Central Ohio,” the report said. “We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them at so many different educational horticultural events, and thank you for your generous support and knowledge.”

Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV) program provides intensive training in Ohio to interested residents. MGVs volunteer their time with the help of educational programs and activities through their local OSU Extension County Office. DCMGA’s mission is to teach Delaware County citizens a healthy, research-based gardening approach.

For more information on the Delaware County Extension Office and the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, visit, the Delaware County Ohio Master Gardener Association on Facebook, or call the OSU Delaware County Extension Office at 740-833-2030.

Terry Lichfield was standing outside her house with lots of native plants. Lichfield has recently won two awards for its work with the Delaware County Superintendent Association.

Information about this story was provided by Ohio State University Extension Delaware County.

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