Reston CEO resigns next month

RA general manager Hank Lynch resigns (via Reston Association)

After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, Reston Association chief executive Hank Lynch said in a statement on Friday (August 6).

Ar Lynch told the board of directors that the deadline would be September 3, after he “took another chance” last week.

“We all wish Hank well in his new endeavor,” said Renaissance President Karen Anton. During his stay in Reston, and especially during the difficult times of the epidemic, his leadership was invaluable. Hank offered a steady hand and brought new and innovative ideas to the table. He longs for it. ”

Reston has now reached Lynch for further comment but has not returned to press time.

Launched in December 2018, Lynch joins Raten after his predecessor, Kate Falcons, abruptly resigned on March 1 of the same year, and has been without an executive for nine months. She left a month later.

Lynch, a former Norfolk resident of horticulture, He moved to Reston in January 2019. Priorities include updating RA work to make decisions and access sources of income outside of member reviews.

In the press release, RI highlighted efforts to improve IT security, budget stability and improved customer service, such as Lynch’s tenure highlights, lake management and covenant performance.

However, over the past two years, the association has suffered from roadblocks and other ongoing security problems, including algae flowers and local boat owners.

Lynch conducted a series of investigations last summer to follow up on a $ 1.3 million check protection program loan without consulting the board of directors. The loan was later repaid because Ra was not really qualified for it.

The RA Board of Directors will hold a special imaginary meeting on Wednesday (August 11) at noon to discuss the search process for a new executive.

The new pending projects include a 2022 budget – a potential review increase and future prospects for RA pools – as well as a list of the most expensive capital projects.


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