RHS appoints Essence in the hope of growing a new lock garden audience

This week’s tag is a winner – starting with the appointment of RHS Media Agency Essence.

A.D. During the 2020 and 2021 British locksmiths, millions of people looked to their gardens for resistance. According to a MayPoll study published in May, seven out of 10 Britons in the UK say that their garden will improve their mental health when their garden is locked. The BBC’s Gardener World has made a name for itself in the New York Times, featuring new audience and presenter Monti Don. Retail sales of B&Q garden equipment have increased.

The Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) is a well-established organization that takes advantage of these green shoots and operates major public gardens and promotes fruit and vegetable development throughout the country. It also provides funding for scientific research, community gardening and educational programs such as the School Garden and the UK. At the time of its closure, fertilizer website traffic increased by 500% annually and an additional 500% more readers about sustainable plant articles.

To address that need, RHS has appointed Essence, a media agency responsible for media strategy, planning and procurement.

Planting seeds

“RHS continues to grow, bringing advice and inspiration to new and experienced gardeners,” said Martin Parnell, RHS Member, Marketing and Digital Director. Appointing Essence will provide us with tools and knowledge to attract gardeners of all ages and the positive impact of RHS work will reach more people in the future.

The Agency’s RHS sustainability work and the role of fruits and vegetables in climate change mitigation and the potential for diversity in the sector have been highlighted.

Ian Thompson, Head of Media and Awareness at RHS, said: We are confident that Essence is the right media agency partner to take advantage of our unparalleled gardening needs and deliver our challenging growth goals.

“There is no other charity that unites and invests in all gardening activities; Looking at the science behind advertising, we have made Essence responsible for bringing its strengths to our organization.

Eseens CEO Tim Irwin at EMEA said:

Missed activities

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  • Taco Bell has appointed Theor as the first UK Innovation Agency. The field is managed by AR and was between three agencies. The chain wants to expand its presence in Britain, which currently has a total of 78 restaurants.

  • Comparethemarket paid የሚ 75m media business between OMD UK and Croud, beating existing Wavemaker.

  • Eyewear retailer Specsavers has chosen Brainlabs after a three-way vote to boost UX and CRO efforts.

  • India’s second-hand car station has been selected by Yelofant Digital as a digital agency, including Carboli Media and Social Services.

  • Production and Design Agency BGN Wins Business for Bed Brand Slumberdown; A brief overview of digital strategy, design, animation and WordPress development.

  • Athletic Development Company has appointed Rachel B-Engged as its Innovation and Marketing Agency.

  • Engineer NGN Lab has won the business for American home appliance brand Bowflex. The social media department is the first customer.

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