Richmond asks the public about community gardens

New community gardens are being set up in the city, including on Greenway Street.

A Richmond resident wants to know where he wants to see the community gardens.

New community gardens have been planned in the city, including 200 plots recently approved by the Agricultural Land Commission.

Urban Bonus (formerly the Richmond Food Security Association) has maintained 11 community parks in the city with 400 plots, and reports of a long and growing reserve list, particularly on Stevenston and Railroad.

The case was brought before the city council earlier this year. A group of Stevenson residents begging the council to change a planned garden on a green road near Bradwood Estate.

City spokesman Clay Adams said new community gardens will not continue without Richmond City Council permission.

There are currently seven distinctive stations on the Greenway, from Blundell to the south of Steveston Highway, where the city is contemplating community gardens.

However, the city said in the study that these sites were “conceptual” and that if one was selected for a garden, there would be further consultation.

An online survey to ask for feedback will be held until September 12, and this information will be included in a report to the City Council in the fall.

In the new release, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brody said getting feedback from residents on community gardens could mean the city could improve them.

“These gardens build a community by bringing people together to share their gardening knowledge and stories. Many of the benefits of community gardens are unique and the city wants to give more, ”Brody said.

Click here to participate in the study.

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