Robert Bailey retires after 43 years

After serving the Parkland course designed by James Brady, Robert Bailey has retired as the chief green guard of Weumaz Golf Club in Dorset for 43 years.

Robert, now 65, originally came from sports-landscaping and horticultural backgrounds. In 1978, at the age of 22, he became the club’s chief Greenwich guard and was sent off. ”, He enjoyed his job until he retired, four decades later!

One of Robert’s greatest accomplishments during his time at Wemaz Golf Club was his involvement in training and education, club recognition and charity work: “Training and education are very important when it comes to staff development. In the early days, one of my priorities was to get funding from committees for training and education. Although challenging, once the increase in technical skills, as well as greater motivation and morale, led to a general improvement in the course of the course, it became easier to find support for these areas.

During Robert’s long career, he made great strides in the field of green care, some of whom he described as “wonderful.” He says: “The evolution of mechanization and machinery is amazing and has made the lives of green guards everywhere much easier and safer, not to mention more productive. When I started, there was a world of opportunities for lawn maintenance and design that were not easily there.

“For me, the young green guards sometimes had a lot of machines that I started today, and when they did, there were only a few well-known clubs that could afford them. With the advent of technology, we now all have the machines we need to get the job done.

Robert Bailey (center) with Deven Garden Garden Engineer Eliot Welman (left) and retired Resink Turfer Area Manager John Reesink / Toro decanter

Toro Robert is a brand he started from the beginning. “Green protection has revolutionized the world by bringing new weapons from the United States,” he said. “Without a doubt, one of the best things about my daily routine was the Toro Greenmaster 3 Riding Green Machine. He did much to reduce maintenance time.

Robert’s personal favorite, however, was able to move Toro Gonder (Operator) and machine operator and machines side by side as he avoided accidents. “If there was a claim that I was in his room, that would be the case,” said Robert.

Considering Robert’s long-standing relationship with the club’s Toro client and Robert, a local Toro dealer, and his long-term contribution to the green care business, Robert’s retirement news was a major milestone.

John Pike, former regional manager at Rensink Turkarker, who recently retired from the Turkar industry in 48 years, was delighted to say, “I am delighted to have a special opportunity to apply for Rob’s retirement. . Before I retired, I had been with Rob for many years, like Dennis Lamley, who worked at Deven’s Paradise Machine, so we arranged an emergency lunch meeting for Rob. There, Elmoth Welman, a close associate of Weimus at Deven’s Paradise Machinery, and I offered Rob Rinsink / Toro, and a good malt to fill it! ”

Surrounded by long-time friends, Robert calls himself “very lucky.” A choice that Robert could not “enjoy” more.

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