Rocky River Community Garden Preparation for Home Gardeners

Rock River, Ohio: Rick Snyder, director of the Rocky River City Public Safety Service, was invited to the September 3 community garden event for the first time. The event includes experts advising home gardeners on topics they need. Backyard gardens and landscaping. It was an educational bonus for gardeners.

The event took place at the Rocky River Senior Center just a stone’s throw from the city’s community garden.

Leading gardeners from Kuyahoga County Solid Waste District, Kuyahoga County Soil and Water Protection District, Rust Belt Riders, Kay Bookcasts and Flower Farm and Snider itself showed how to make weights, outdoor flower pots.

Kuyahoga County Solid Waste District is about recycling and fertilizer. Recycling efforts are narrowing down to glass and plastic bottles and jars only due to a shortage of other companies that accept recycling.

Mixing, however, is another way one can learn to keep food waste from the ground up to 500 500 a year, like rust belt drivers.

If the pile of food stored in your backyard keeps you from the idea of ​​fertilizer, check out, which comes in buckets and brings the artifacts to you. The pieces they say – most of the pieces turn into dust. (Yes, worms are used as shown on their display in the big box.)

The Rocky River Community Garden at Senior Center was a venue for home gardeners.

The Kuyahoga Soil and Water Protection District had some amazing information about water conservation: rainwater. They even have sets of rain barrels and can teach you how to build a rain garden.

When you show off your beautiful, simple floral arrangements – Kay Bouquis takes the “prize” to the beautiful table, the kind we all want to bring home from our own gardens. Kay Spiros focuses on fresh cut flowers that grow in the area. Her business is in Aublin.

The Rocky River Green Team also attended the event. The group says: “Rocky River is a volunteer organization dedicated to making greener, more sustainable habitats. Our goal is to make Rocky River a more sustainable community through innovative and collaborative initiatives. Collaborating with those who like to go out and help make a difference in the community as a group.

There were all smiles (up to his elbows) when the rich Snyder brought the baby home after the rain, as he showed them how to make their own light, lightweight garden pots – Hypertufa Pots – for the garden or landscape. The pots have a rural look to them and can fit anywhere around a yard.

They are made of Portland cement, perlite (or vermiculite) and water. He said you can make custom containers of any size, shape and shape using the Snyder mixing method.

Snyder is available for questions and more information. He is at (440) 331-0600, ext. 2581

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