Roger and Jan Shaw grow vegetables and chickens in the flower garden

Roger and Jan Shaw solve one of the most common problems of gardening – how to grow a garden in a garden with flowers and flowers. Their solution was to create their garden behind a beautiful fence.

Green beans, lentils and okra, right, grow in the garden of Jan and Roger Shaw.

Shaws has lived on East Lexor Drive for more than 40 years on the property in front of Erie, one of LSU Lakes. Retired Ophthalmologist Roger Shaw Gustav explores a large oak tree in his backyard and offers the necessary sunlight for vegetables. Shortly thereafter, an independent retina was formed. The treatment was to lie on his stomach for three weeks to heal.

Jan Shaw cheated on her computer while her husband was recovering. He spent most of his time studying horticulture. “When he finished his recovery, he went into it completely,” she said.

As the years went by, Roger Shaw discovered the secret of a successful gardener – no work.

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Jan Shaw collects carrots, beans, and spicy green beans from the family garden.

“If you have to spend hours gardening and watering, you can’t do that,” said the show, which built 6-by-12 by 6-foot-tall garden boxes for the garden. “There are a lot of grains in those boxes, so you have to dig deep to reach the soil,” he said.

Each time he walked through the garden, he would pull out a few we could see and weed. He built a light bulb outside the back door.

There is a lot going on in Jan and Roger Shaw’s backyard garden.

One side of the yard is the Jan Shaw plantation. On the other hand, among the many ginger and other flowering plants, there is a banana plant that produces many edible bananas every year. They even have blackberries growing on the fence.

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The Jan and Roger Show grow blackberries on a pickup fence that closes the garden.

Everything is planned for the soil and the season. Tomatoes are planted in three stages. Cherry tomatoes first produce bell-shaped Roman tomatoes, followed by large tomatoes. Some boxes contain soft sandy loam. Those boxes are like potato, carrot, and bean root. Roger Shaw “requires certain soils to grow certain things.”

Plants green beans in two stages for early and late harvest. Okra, the last southern summer crop, is also planted in stages. It grows many pumpkins as well as eggplant, Bulgarian pepper and many fresh peppers.

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BR.shawgardenliv.adv TS 78.jpg

Roger Shaw grows several egg species in his backyard garden.

Iron trays carried pumpkins on the one hand and several pumpkin-eating varieties connect the two main garden boxes.

Roger Shaw Most of the spring crops are always planted in early March, just before Easter. Shaws are natural gardeners. They thrive, do not use pesticides and save time to plant seeds.

Early in the fall, the Roger Show will plant another major crop of broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage and mustard greens.

In total, Roger Shaw produces 34 different fruits and vegetables in one calendar year. With the exception of the “Transition Day”, he planted almost all of his chickens almost every year, except for the “transition day” that took them out of the beautiful chicken coop. “They dig and scratch and clean the garden, and it leaves a lot of rich manure,” he said. “The chickens will be friends.”

BR.shawgardenliv.adv TS 128.jpg

Chickens provide many fresh eggs for Jan and Roger Shaw, as well as garden manure.

Jan Shaw’s Vegetable Vegetable with Parsley, Targagon, Basil, Sage, Cucumber and Cucumber with Cucumber and Cilantro. She even has a healthy sesame crop. It allows plants to be sown in the future.

Roger Shaw grows most vegetables, but Jan Shaw picks and preserves what he does not eat or give. The pantry is filled with homemade dot vinegar, bread and butter vinegar, boiled green beans, spices, tomato paste and pepper jelly. “It’s nice to have something to offer,” Roger Shaw said.

Shaws have healthy lemon trees, including lemons, lemons, satsumas, oranges and raisins.

BR.shawgardenliv.adv TS 37.jpg

Roger Shaw tried a ‘midnight snack’ in the backyard garden with her favorite cherry tomato variety.

Many years ago, the late Johnny Wilbert John Shawn brought a small piece of the famous “Plasma” fig tree. “I cut it out, took care of it and put it in a pot,” she said.

Three years ago, she moved the tree to the side of the yard, just like any other shrub.

“I’m willing to try anything,” said Roger Shaw. “For me, all this is relaxing. He’s playing in the ground.”

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