Rowan joined three other NJ universities in the ‘Creativity Center’

Glasborro-Rowan University is the first higher education institution in South Jersey to connect a Plastison-led network to bring their scientific ideas and innovations from the laboratory to market.

This distinction is not lost on Dean Nidhal Buweana, Associate of Research and Postgraduate Studies for Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering.

Bhutan is a leader in the North East Center for the National Science Foundation’s creative team, or I-Corps.

“We train not only the Rowan community, but the entire South Jersey community, and that includes and affects community colleges,” he said. If the product, the prototype, or not, or they have an algorithm and some initial results, we want to train them.

Along with Princeton, Rutger University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology are other garden partners in the group.

Creators may feel the impact of their ideas on the community, Bueyana said, but they may lack knowledge of business and customer acquisition processes.

Part of I-Corps’ mission is to evaluate innovation to see if it has the market share: to get people to take off their academic hats and put on their business, Boyanya said.

That includes contacting potential investors and customers with the goal of receiving government funding or assistance.

Bouaynaya specifically mentioned that an initial fall hit the house.

“The inventor of the FM radio is dead, dead, the FM has never been marketed, it has been ignored,” he said. Beginnings fail because the technology is not good. Since there is no marketable product, there is a market for that technology.

Bouaynaya observes how pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna turned their entire research and development work into the virus in early 2020, and that much of the work could be attributed to the COVID-19 crisis.

But other areas of focus include artificial intelligence, health care, transportation infrastructure, and K-12 education.

The United States regularly invests billions of dollars in emerging technologies, but they estimate that they can save that much money if they are not available.

After all, the 21st century has proved to be a time for innovation.

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