Royal honors were bestowed on the Council’s utility officer

Horticulture expert who helped transform the landscapes of East Lottery has been awarded the British Empire Medal (BM).

Andrew Hogart, acting chief of staff for the East Lottery Council, was named the Queen’s New Year’s Celebrity for his service to parks and biodiversity in the county last year.

On August 11, Mr. Hogart, who has worked with the local authority for nearly 40 years, joined Lt. Rodrick Urkurt and Provost John Macmillan for the investment ceremony.

Family and friends join Mr Hogarth in their family garden for the presentation.

He said, “I was delighted to be recognized on the Queen’s New Year’s Celebration.

It was a real honor to be chosen for what I love most.

“It was a proud time for my family to invest.”

The BMA article describes his great contribution to the creation of a beautiful district.

He said: “He has transformed East Lotti by establishing parks, cities, hanging baskets, and monuments. In recent years, it has improved the environment and biodiversity by creating beautiful fields full of colorful wildflowers in public places.

He joined the East Lottery District Council at the age of 17 as a recruiter for the 56-year-old youth training program.

Over the course of his career, he developed a deep knowledge of fruits and vegetables and literally shaped the landscape, proving that the name of the East Lottery Garden County was the most appropriate.

Mr. Hogar, who lives in Trent, In 2011, he was hired by the East Lottery Council.

Along with its professional duties, it supports many county garden plants, including Blooming Huddington and North Berwick.

He is a judge for the beautiful Scotland and gives speeches to the gardening community.

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