Royal Madness Extension Event September 12

Dictator – Monarch Butterflies, like other pollen grains, are an integral part of our ecosystem. The emperor’s butterfly is not only valuable but also one of the most popular and delightful pollen. Only butterflies migrate in two directions, and some fly up to 3,000 miles. Learn more about the Monarch butterfly at the University of Illinois Extension and the Monarch Madness, co-hosted by the Macon County Conservation District.

Monarch Madness on Sept. 12 from 2 p.m. to 12 p.m., in the Rock Spring Protection Area, 3939 Nearing Lane, Decatur, Ill. This free event is open to all ages and includes handicrafts, tagging and release, handicrafts, drinks, lessons, tours and more!

Sign up for this family-friendly event at through September 8th. For more information, please call Julia Duncan, Extension Gardener Coordinator at or 217-877-6042.

The Horticulture Program is a branch of the University of Illinois Extension that provides research-based information and training on soil research, tree health, grass care, pest identification and control, horticulture and more. The horticultural program also provides master gardening training. Find David, Macon and PAT Extension Master gardeners and gardeners on Facebook.

The University of Illinois Extension offers equal opportunities in programs and employment. Please contact 217-877-6042 if you would like a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow enough time to meet your access needs.

Deer donation program has expanded

One in 10 people in Illinois struggle with hunger every day, including one in eight children in the United States. When families are hungry, making healthy choices may be more difficult. A new project to expand the food supply was recently funded by the University of Illinois Supplementary Food Assistance Program.

The Health Equity Achieved Together project is a multi-disciplinary project with the Illinois SSP-A and other programs at the University of Illinois Extension. Programs develop and implement innovative strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce community barriers to a healthy lifestyle. Working with others on Extension, the HEAT project will enable them to use their skills and networks throughout Illinois to have a positive impact on the health of Illinois families.

The Illinois Deer Donation Program connects pilot processors, hunters and food warehouses in twelve central Illinois counties – Clay, Coles, Cumberland, David, Douglas, Efingham, Fayette, Jasper, Macon, Multry, Pete and Libi. The local source of protein is available to food warehousing customers to deploy hunters and produce deer and meat processors in the ground. Customers will also receive recipes and resources from Illinois Extension to help them prepare for home hunting, which may be unfamiliar to some individuals and families.

“This will be an opportunity for hunters to help them cope with food insecurity in their community,” says Mille Fombel, an extension SNP-A educator.

In addition, HEAT project winners engage with local stakeholders and community members in shaping and implementing their initiatives. They also plan sustainable and inclusive strategies to make the projects have a lasting community impact.

About the extension

Illinois Extension directs Illinois University public access by translating research work into action plans that enable Illinois families, businesses and community leaders to solve problems, change informed decisions, and adapt to changes and opportunities.


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