RSF Garden Club welcomes roses to Rosario Frank Brence roses

Rancho Santa Fe Genet Club invites members to join the club on Monday, August 16, at the event hosted by Master Consulting Rosario Frank Brines at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club.

Brines shares his knowledge of caring and feeding roses throughout the year to make yourself happy and healthy. Brinns is a regular contributor to roses in local publications.

“We are thrilled to have Frank speak to our members and guests,” said Tora Gutry, executive director of RSF Garden Club. Roses come with special challenges and have many tips and secrets to keep Frank healthy.

The Rancho Santa Fe Genet Club recently resumed its 100th anniversary garden and community activities.

The garden event also involves plant exchange. Participants are encouraged to bring alternatives, shrubs, bulbs, and seeds to share with those who donate plants. Large tables and bags will be provided for the change. Coffee and snacks are available. Masks and social distance requirements are left to the individual.

Book your place by sending an email to

The event is free for garden club members and only $ 15 for non-members. Space is limited and reservations are required. RSF Garden Club is located at 17025 Avenida de Acacias, Rancho Santa Fe, 92067. For more information call 760-715-3230.

RSF Garden Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving the Rancho Santa Fe community.

The mission of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club is to promote the development of charitable gardening and conservation activities in and around the Rancho Santa Fe community.

For more information on club membership benefits, call 760-715-3230 or visit

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