Rulers Island employs 5 sheep as summer gardeners.

Rulers Island welcomes some unusual gardeners this summer.

For the second year in a row, the Trust for Builders Island team, in partnership with Friends of Lake Tivoli Lake and Albany, will host five flocks of Flour, Sam, Math, Chad and Philip Aris. The herd is responsible for conserving the island’s biodiversity by eliminating (or eating) some invasive species in the Hammock Grove town forest. Last year, the sheep removed more than eight hectares of invasive vegetation.

Sheep are weeds, and they like to touch the leaves of plants, such as fragrant and mulberry, both of which are invasive species. These plants have a tendency to spread by damaging other species, and if left unchecked, can create a monochromatic. To prevent the sheep from spreading by eating them and to protect the islands of the rulers.

Of course, the herd is not the only group responsible for saving the island’s vegetation this summer. There is a fully functional horticultural team, but with the active help of the sheep, you can focus on other important activities.

“We are very happy that our four-legged farmers are back on the island. They may be cute and fuzzy, but these hardworking sheep will be a wonderful service to the island by clearing invasive species that support our growth and support our gardening team.” CEO Claire Newman said, “AMNY reports. “Flour, Sam, Evening, Chad and Philip Aris will help provide a well-appointed and beautifully maintained green space for all our visitors this summer.”

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