rwa: One Rwa can only get 3 parks for maintenance | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Chandigarh: The municipal corporation allows each resident safety association (RWA) to take only three neighborhood parks for maintenance. The move aims to avoid misunderstandings between RWAs to take over neighboring parks, and help unions protect them properly. The agenda is for the upcoming MC General Assembly to be held on Friday for discussion and approval.
The agenda, prepared by MC Horticulture Department, states: As a result, park maintenance is not up to par. Therefore, it is imperative to restrict the allocation of parksā€¦ which will ensure a fair distribution of parks and create a healthy environment and competitive environment between RWAs for better maintenanceā€¦ Moreover, there will be no complaints between RWAs. MC currently pays 4.15 Rs per square meter per month. Previously, payments were 2.48 square meters per month, which in October last year increased the demand for municipalities, citing higher maintenance costs, equipment and labor.
Park maintenance has been a bone of contention among RWAs, leading to many complaints and grievances. The Department of Horticulture has received many complaints in the past, which have resulted in poor maintenance of the park and wasted stress and time wasting.

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