SA launches cannabis education program for emerging marijuana industry

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in New York, Syracuse University is launching new courses to prepare its staff for a new and more complex career.

Beginning in June, SU University College offers non-credit or certification in many aspects of the growing cannabis industry. It is produced in collaboration with the Cannabis Education Company, Green Flower, California.

The four separate programs cover law and policy, business, health and medicine, agriculture and horticulture.

Each program includes three 8-week courses over a six-month period, and students can continue at their own pace during that time period, said Dean Michael Fresselo, dean of the University of SS. Students will receive online instruction in the subject area of ​​their choice if they are examined by members of the professional faculty and selected by the green flower.

At the end of the program, students who do not need a full university degree will receive a certificate that they can use to rest or walk in their careers, Fresiolo said.

Each of the four University College cannabis programs begins June 28 and lasts for six weeks. It costs $ 2,950 per program. Registration is now open.

The legal recreational marijuana business, combined with New York’s existing medical marijuana and hemp / CD businesses, is set to generate $ 30 billion a year in the next few years, with state officials estimating it could generate $ 30,000 to $ 60,000 a year.

“I have read reports that this is the fastest growing industry in the country,” Frescelo said. This is what we do at University College – a program of market sensitivity where things lead.

So, just as the marijuana law came into force last month, the University College hastened the program. In its first attempt to legalize marijuana in New York, the college began discussions on the cannabis program for over a year.

Fresselo said the partnership with Green Flowers, which is in partnership with schools around the country, has taken shape.

The registration is still underway, but many of those registered so far are working in the industry and seem to want to “upgrade” their positions, he said.

“Being able to get this started quickly speaks volumes about the market and the college’s mission in human resource development,” he said. We are creating a way for people to walk in this industry without a full degree.

The following is a description of the green flower on the website:

We believe that trustworthy cannabis education is the key to developing businesses, investors, advocates, researchers and fans. A.D. Since its inception in 2014, we have partnered with leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and icons around the industry to create cannabis content to enable people to engage more with cannabis, develop their careers, train their teams, and replace legends. facts. …

Fresselo said the university college has in the past introduced programs such as sports management and email certificates and degrees in new or growing programs.

He said there is an opportunity for cannabis expansion in the future.

“Let’s assume that forecasts for the growth of the industry are reasonable,” Frescelo said. “Expanding these programs, non-credit or even for credit, is not unrealistic. There may be new dimensions for the industry that we can touch on. We want to program for that. ”

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