Sakata Seed US announces expansion of infrastructure in California California There are plans to relocate its headquarters to Woodland by 2024.

Sakata Seed America has officially announced two new businesses in California’s major agricultural centers: Free Salinas Valley and Woodland, California.

Since 1988, Sakatha Race America has served its North American headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. The company plans to relocate its headquarters to a 219-acre site in Woodland, California, by the end of 2024, including all operations and personnel activities.

The move to the Woodland Innovation Center (WIC) follows the second phase of the infrastructure expansion project, which began in 2016. WIC celebrates its official opening in 2018. Operating facilities, including greenhouses, LED-certified offices, headquarters, laundry, 25,000 square feet of storage, state-of-the-art technology and a farm shop. There is also a large plot of farmland to host Sakata’s annual California Field Days event and to serve as a permanent testing ground for the company’s growing breeding program and research and development unit.

“The expansion of our Woodland Innovation Center is an exciting and important step forward for Sakata. The relocation of our office to Woodland reflects our commitment to California’s important agricultural and seed sectors, and the investment will enable us to integrate R&D and many other activities into one art campus, ”said Dave Armstrong, president and CEO of Sakatha Seed America.

In May of this year, Sakata opened a new facility in Marina, California, near Salinas. Sakata Marina Distribution Center has 20,000 square feet, temperature controlled warehouse and office building. The Marina Distribution Center is now home to the company’s salad seed program and will supply and supply a variety of varieties, including the Sakata Strong Brasica program for the coastal California region by 2024.

Our goal is to market high quality seeds and genetics to the community of Salinas Valley, where we have grown and worked since 1985. Marina is centrally located and provides us with all the necessary resources to support our new breeding program. And our growth in the Salinas Valley and neighboring states, ”said John Nelson, Executive Vice President.

Sakatica has long been known in the United States as a major producer and marketer of broccoli, and has invested heavily in infrastructure and labor in recent years to expand its market share in many other crops. The company’s efforts focus on consolidating a network of research stations in North America, including the Culiacán Innovation Center, which recently opened in Mexico, and collaborates with the Sakatata International Breeding Group on Tomatoes, Peppers, Watermelons and Watermelons, among others.

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Headquartered at Sakatha Seed USA, Morgan Hill, CA, Sakatha Seed America is a subsidiary of Saccat Seed Corporation Corporation, established in 1913 in Yokohama, Japan. The Sakataka United States serves as the headquarters for North American operations. Achieve success. Meet industry standards quickly and efficiently for quality seed, innovative genetics and best greenhouse and field performance.

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