Sand Garden – Success with Sunflowers

When I was a customer in Falkirk, Morrison, a few weeks ago, the inspector drew my attention to a small basket containing small green envelopes.

She explained that “seeds of hope” – three words, I believe, had no meaning to me.

“Please take one,” she said. So, when I looked, I learned that I had a small packet of dwarf sunflower seeds at the Helianus annual Sunspot.

Falkirk Herald Gardener Guru Sandy Simpson

I finished that same column with these words. “Well, my Morison sunflowers are in my backyard garden in the south, enjoying the day of April in their medicine. I never grew sunflowers; And I look forward to enjoying the seeds of my hope throughout the summer.

My sunflowers have all grown to maturity and they all have the same bar, which is an example of a flaw in natural design.

When the sprout… developed a complex shape…, he did what the cups were designed to do, collecting water. But then, even though his brothers and sisters are able to cope with this situation, the buds of this unique plant will always be straight and rotten.

That was the only failure. And even though they are starting to get the best of them, I now enjoy a lot of wonderful bright, serious flowers. Each plant produces a single flower, so dead-headed sunflowers are useless to encourage more sprouts. When they perish, they perish.

He is a very good reader, sure he has a bottle of sunflower oil near your kitchen – I know he is one a few meters from where I am sitting typing these words.

For a brief, but general, summary of the use of sunflower oil extracted from seeds, I refer to this article from the Encyclopሎdia Britannica website.

“The traditional sunflower is valuable in terms of economics and jewelry. The leaves are like fodder, the flowers turn yellow, the seeds contain oil and are used for food. The sweet yellow oil obtained by squeezing the seeds is considered to be equivalent to olive or almond oil for table use. Sunflower oil cake is used for storage and poultry farming. The oil is also used in soaps and dyes and as a lubricant. The seeds can be eaten in dried, roasted or peanut butter and mixed with bird seeds.

That’s a wonderful list of products from a plant family.

The health benefits of sunflower seeds are equal.

Sunflower products are said to help control blood sugar, improve cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of cancer, reduce depression, and reduce the risk of stroke among many medications.

However, for the first time with the success of my sunflowers, I discard the old garbage in my garden.

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